Monday, November 21, 2011

Always a bridesmaid

So...I'm going to be in another wedding.

You'd think that at my age, all of my friends were done with the wedding thing, but that's not so.  One of my friends, of over 20 years is getting married--again.  It's her second marriage, but the groom's first.  And, since she didn't have a wedding the first time around, they've decided to go for it.  And she asked me to be one of the bridesmaids.  Or matron.  Whatever.

Saturday, we met in Salina at the David's Bridal Store to find dresses.  And everyone who reads here knows how much I like to shop.  And you all probably know how much I detest dresses.  Yep, I was NOT looking forward to this...not at all.  And, the bride knew it and let me pout and pretty much ignored me and made me do it.  Basically she reminded me it's all about her and not about me.

She knows me pretty well.

But you know what?

It wasn't that bad.

Granted she made me try on 786 dresses. (and I even shaved my legs.)

But it still wasn't that bad.

It was my first time ever actually trying on dresses for a wedding.  In all the ump-teen weddings I've been in, I've never had any input in what I was wearing.  I was just called and asked, "what size of dress do you wear?" 

And I didn't have a "real" wedding dress when Kev and I got married.  My dress came from a department store.  I saw it in the window, went in, tried it on and bought it probably 2 years before Kevin ever proposed. 

So I never tried on wedding dresses.

The bride did try on a dress--she'd been in before and had narrowed down her choices to two.  The first dress she put on was the one she bought.  We all agreed it was the right dress, and shared a few tears too.

So...all in all, I'm glad that I'm a my age.  Cause otherwise, I would have never gotten to experience this custom.

Miss Kat was with us.  She soaked it all in.  And...somehow, I think that someday, I'll find myself in a bridal shop, trying on dresses and watching a different bride and I'll probably cry on that day too.