Friday, March 31, 2006


Our little girl has a name. Monkey. I didn't pick it, Miss Kat did. Here she is with a friend, J, who are feeding Monkey at the library. She's decided the bottle will work. She'd still prefer her momma, but will take the bottle well. Eats about a cup of milk 3 times a day right now. Next week, we'll try to keep that schedule and see how it goes from here. Next week, she will not come to work with me either.

My office smells "goaty" to me now. I've asked others at work, and all deny smelling anything.

Either they lie, or they really don't smell it! And we've had lots of visitors. I swear, 3/4 of the staff and faculty and been by to see Monkey. And when we go outside on "potty" breaks, we have lots of students who stop by to visit. Must be something about babies. Yesterday, there were several tours for prospective students. Imagine the looks on some faces as they saw a baby goat in the library! Suprise was evident, and curiosity, and then the ooohhhs and aaaawwweeesss.

After a bottle, all babies need to go on a walk. The kids took her outside for several minutes. I'm not sure who had the most fun--the goat kid or the human kids!

Friday is the last day that this little monkey gets to come to work with me. Should be an interesting day, as she'll also get to go to 4-H club days with us after school. That won't be an issue, 4-Hers are used to haveing livestock appear in unusual places. I'd guess they'll assume that someone is giving a project talk about goats.

One last picture for today!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Take a girl to work

Isn't is take your daughter to work day? Or any girl?This is shrimp or shrimp-ett or something. She doesn't have a name yet. She is the first born baby at our house this year. Unfortunately, her Mom decided to reject her, so she got to come to work with me today.

I'm trying to teach her how to drink from a black rubber nipple rather than from a nice pink warm soft nipple. She'd rather have that pink one than my black one.

It's a little disconcerting to see a new mother goat pick up a little one by the ear and toss her away. Or step away whenever we try to nurse or get pushed away or even have her little butt shoved away and bit. Gotta hand it to this little one, she was persistent and kept trying to steal a drink. She's been pretty good at work. Not too noisy, she's taken 2 oz so far (and had had 4 or 5 oz smeared all over her, me and the towel). I'm hopeful that she'll learn to drink from the bottle and that she'll grow and thrive.

She doesn't seem terribly frightened in my working environment, except when she tries to crawl under the desk or the credenza. I have a feeling that she won't be a librarian when she grows up.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Andy shaved today for the first time. He's 14. He'll be 15 in another month.

I don't think he needed to shave, Dad didn't think he needed to shave, but evidently, some of his buddies have been telling him to shave. And, apparently, a couple of girls have mentioned it as well. By all means, listen to those girls instead of your parents son.

It's just peach fuzz. Yes, he had a noticeable mustache coming in. Yes, he had a few longer whiskers on his chin. But it was still peach fuzz.

So, last night, he picked out a razor and shaving cream. Dad also brought home a razor and shaving cream. So, he got to choose which one he wanted to keep.

This morning, he got up at 6 to shave. I think he chose 6 a.m. because I had asked if I could take some pictures of him shaving for the first time for his scrapbook.

But, Dad was up and helped. Lessons learned on the first morning shaving...

1. Gel shaving cream expands after you start using it.
2. There's no need to fill your hand with shaving gel.
3. Peach fuzz gets caught in razor, so you have to rinse often.
4. Shaving takes a little longer than you think.
5. It's nice to have Dad help you get those difficult spots.
6. Moms don't notice your smooth face until you point it out.

I think my little boy is gone for good.
I had to run home this morning from work. Why? Well, it appears that my lovely 10 year old daughter, Miss Kat, forgot her dance clothes. So, like a good, loving Mom, off I went to get them.

Now, last week was spring break. She spent all... week... long... cleaning her room. All week. Seven days. I gave up yelling on day 3. But, by day 5, it looked pretty good, just a little junk on her dresser and under her bedside table. I saw her dance bag on the floor, near the closet door. On Saturday, it disappeared. Great! I assumed she put it away, in the closet.

This morning, driving 10 miles home, I knew I could open the closet, grab the bag and be back to work quickly.


I strolled into the house, walked into the bedroom, opened the closet door.

And, I don't actually remember what happened next. My vision was red. I seem to have had some kind of black out. But, eventually, I did locate two dance shoes...both for the left foot. Miss Kat does have a left and right foot, but only two left shoes. There was no sign of the dance bag, which I'm hoping contains two shoes for the right foot...

Now for the dance leotard. I opened the dresser drawer...

and had another blackout.

I finally located a leotard, but had to search all drawers. I also had to search under the bed, before going back to the drawers.

I left a mess.

I'm going for the trashbags when I get home. I'm going to make someone very angry as I toss everything that was under the bed, on the floor, or in the closet into trashbags. I'm going to make someone go through her drawers and straighten them out. I'm also going to make someone find her dance bag.

I'll bet it takes a lot less time than seven days.

Monday, March 27, 2006

We've got babies

Our place is crawling with babies. 33 chicks who hopefully will grow up to be layers, peep away in their brooder. Kept warm by two heat lamps, they bring music to the henhouse. I love baby chicks. They are so much cuter than adults. I like holding them in my hands, their little feet resting, their little shrill voices peeping, their soft bodies warm in my hand. They are already starting to feather out, and will be "babies" for such a short time.

Momma Kitty was trying to get in the house all weekend. Yep, she still wants to have those babies in the house. She's so round with kittens. Won't be long till we have little kittens running around the farm. Maybe I should say MORE kittens. Her last litter is still running around. Guess they are almost adults themselves!

My favorite babies are our 4 newborn kids. Winter delivered Saturday night. I had invited L and S out for supper. We were just getting ready to eat when Andy ran in yelling, "Mom, she's dropped a kid! Winter's kidding!"

Out the door we all ran. I grabbed our birthing kit. Poor Winter, she gave birth to 3 of her 4 kids with an audience of 6. The kid already born was pretty dry already. I was afraid that she was done with one! But, trooper that she is, she soon settled down and had 3 more quickly. Two boys. Two girls. I didn't have to assist. I just helped clean babies up, dipped their umbilical cords, and gave all a dose of nutri-drench. Got Winter some water with molassas and some alfalfa when she was finished. At first, she didn't want these little creatures nursing, but she quickly discovered how good that felt. All are still doing well.

I love baby goats. They are still sleepy acting, and resting a lot, but today, I saw a couple of them attempt to jump. They don't quite have their land legs ready for serious jumping, and they still sometimes get confused which end gives the milk, but give them another couple of days and they'll be playing and running all over the place! Reminds me, we need to get some new wire on the gate, or they'll be out of the pen lickity split!

Nothing says spring like babies on a farm.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kids and weekends

Twas a fantastic weekend.

Saturday was spent at the Ellis County Shooting Sports Competition. Andy decided to go in archery at the last minute--and asked MB to sign him up BEFORE asking his father or I.

Annoyed both of his parents in one fatal swoop.

MB, being the intelligent man he is, signed Andy up BEFORE telling us. I was slightly annoyed with him too.

But, I'm glad it happened this way. We learned alot. We got to watch Andy do a sport he loves and is very good at. We saw lots of potential for growth and improvement. It was a positive experience. Which, after this past basketball season we really needed! (Which was awful, and since the season is over, I've learned how bad the coach really was from parents of A-Team (varsity) players. My. anger. is. validated.)

Miss Kat decided--on friday--to substitute for one of the kids in BB gun. She loved it. Told us on the way home that she wants to do this again next year. Totally suprised and pleased her dad and I.

The suprise for me was seeing G&G. I went to college with them, we were close friends, and I haven't seen them in probably 14 years. Was so wonderful to see them. And, now I can look forward to seeing them at other shooting events.

Kev and I went to this event expecting to not like it, to be frustrated and irritated, as we often are at other sporting events. Instead, we had fun. We enjoyed watching our kids have fun. And, dang it, we want to shoot too!

But now, Andy needs a new recurve bow. Heavier, at least 40 lbs.

And Kat wants her own BB gun.

I see a change in our weekend plans.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My dad broke his ankle yesterday. And was taken to Pratt KS to have surgery. Compound fracture. Ankle. And I live 200 miles away. And Daddy told me NOT to come. And I want to be there.

Evidently, the horse he was riding yesterday is one who wont catch himself if he stumbles. He just relaxes and falls. Unfortunately, he fell and Dad's leg stayed under him. Fortunately, Daddy wasn't out in the "north 40", and wasn't alone. He was taken to Minneola first, and called Mom. They sent him on to Pratt. Fortunately, he won't lose his foot. Unfortunately, it will take 4-5 surgeries to fix all the broken bones. Fortunately, Steve was an hour away. Unfortunately, I'm 4 hours away.

Daddy is in good spirits. He's griping because he has new cattle to care for. He's griping because he's out of Skoal. He's griping because "they" ruined his boots. He's griping because he hurts. And he doesn't want me to come down.

Tough. I'm going.