Wednesday, June 09, 2010

tornados and wind

Much like the writer of "The Perfect Country Song", I was told that I had left out some important aspects about tornadoes and rattlesnakes.

So, I've had to revise my "what do you do in Kansas" response to include them. It is as follows...

"Well, this mornin, on the way out to the windmill, I had to kill me an 'ole 8 foot rattler with eleventeen rattles on his tail. I threw him over my shoulder so we could have him for breakfast. After gettin a bucket of water, I glanced over and saw a tornado roarin' down on us. So I hustled back to the house, and got the young'uns into the cellar. Then, just when the tornado had knocked down the windmill and tore up the yard some, I noticed them sneaky Injuns tryin to hijack my chickens. So, I grabbed the shotgun and took care of them there Injuns. After that excitement, it was just another boring day.

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