Thursday, August 05, 2010

End of summer changes...for the kids

Summer is rapidly winding down, but it's not slowing down.

Immediately upon our return from vacation, Andy decided it was time for him to spread his wings and fly the coop. He moved into an apartment in Ford with a friend of his. The boys scavenged furniture and dishes from their Mothers and set up house. So far...3 weeks in, they are doing OK.

It's a little odd without Andy being home, but I think it will be OK. He wants to learn how to live on his own and that's what all we parents want, right? It's our job to raise our kids and them let them go learn about life on their was so much easier when I was the kid wanting to go out on my own...

But, we're surviving. My grocery bill had already gone down but my chore list has gone up. Miss Kat has taken over care of the barn cats and I am now the full time caretaker of the chickens. No more questionable eggs have shown up in the fridge, so I must be doing OK!

Yesterday, Andy and I went to Garden City to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. Andy's been struggling with his knee for 2 years. We've seen one Dr, but he didn't do much except tell us he thought it was simply a symptom of Andy growing so fast. But, now, it looks like surgery might be in Andy's future. Which means he probably shouldn't have moved out on his own and signed a lease when he might not be able to work for 6 weeks or more. But, I might be getting ahead of myself with worrying because we won't know for sure what's going on for 2 more weeks.

I will say that I didn't enjoy my day sitting in the Dr's office, and waiting for x-rays and MRI's to be run. The highlight was seeing Andy run around in short shorts (mid thigh) while wearing cowboy boots. While Miss Kat looks cute in her Fat Babies boots with her short shorts and long legs...Andy just doesn't have quite the same look with his shorter, hairier legs...

Gosh, it just dawned on me that I should have gotten a picture!

Since Andy has moved out, Miss Kat is planning on relocating to his room. she has grand schemes...I mean plans. And, those plans change often. We've gone from a red and black room to a teal and silver room to a multi-colored room. We've gone from a city theme to a sports theme to a zebra theme.

We ordered a bedspread/duvet cover Saturday night after looking in every store in Wichita for the perfect bedding. It arrived last night, and had Miss Kat in tears. It just wasn't what she had pictured...and of course, it's my fault, because we didn't order the one she loved 2 weeks ago and it is now unavailable.

But, last night, we settled on one...I hope. Zebra. Black and White. With teal or aqua sheets and accent pillows. And, she's thinking about making herself a small accent quilt. I think she wants to paint the room teal or aqua with one wall metallic silver. We'll see what she winds up with because she is after all, a teenager.

I've decided that she hates me. This quilt all know that I don't like to quilt. And somehow...I think I'm going to wind up "helping" a great deal with this project. (Aunt Cindy, wanna come to Kansas for a month or so and quilt with Miss Kat???)

Miss Kat is also practicing her driving. She had hopes of getting her farm permit before school so she could drive herself to and from school. But, she's not ready yet. We've driven a few times, but she still doesn't turn corners well and she doesn't keep her speed consistent going up and down hill. She also tends to hug the side of the road which makes me nervous when we don't have shoulders. She is better at stopping, because I haven't hit the dash in a week now.'s progress, but progress comes at a price; I have more gray hair from all this driving instruction. School starts in 2 weeks. She's not going to have her permit by then. Maybe she'll be ready by Christmas...

Nope, summer might be winding down, but it certainly isn't slowing down at our house.

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Karin said...

Oh girl! You've got your hands full! We're in the midst of many transitions too and it's not easy. You're right about raising these kids to be on their own, but that's easier said than done...for me anyway. DS is heading back to college and DD is coming home from her job as head wrangler at church camp. They grew up too fast! Prayers for healing in Andy's knee and driving prayers for Kat. I think the teenage years keep me on my knees more than the toddler years did! Looking forward to seeing Kat's room transformation and I'm chuckling at the fact that you're bemoaning the possibility of having to make a quilt. You might actually enjoy it!