Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boys and their toys...

We went on our "semi-annual" vacation the end of July. (And I can't believe that was almost a month ago...already...sigh...) This year, Andy didn't go because he's 20 now and he had to work. Which was disappointing, but at the same time, it was a relief because he kept the dogs at home and he could take care of the chickens and rabbits. With the summer we've had, we just couldn't go on vacation without knowing they were being taken care of.

Steve, my brother, also couldn't go--because he's going to use his vacation time to re-enact a cattle trail drive from the Oklahoma border up to Ellsworth, Kansas next month. But, Steve's boys were eager to go back to the Mountains, so we let them join us. My "Other" husband, Lynn Dale, of course went along. It's just a given...if we go to the Mountains, Lynn goes along.

This year, we did some finagling and took our 4-wheeler along with Lynn's. And while they weren't a necessity, they sure were nice to have along. I ran down from camp to Whiskey Creek to check on the fishermen one afternoon, and the kids enjoyed riding them all over the place--on the main roads. They weren't allowed to go off-road alone.

But the people who enjoyed the 4-wheelers the most were the BIG boys...Kev and Lynn.

In this shot, Lynn is "stuck" in the creek and "afraid" he'll be washed away--downstream.

Right... Yep, he's obviously in no real danger...

However, it gave the "boys" time to play with the winch that Kev had just installed on our 4-wheeler.

Here's Austin hooking it to Lynn's machine so Kevin could pull him out.

And, Kat and Kev had do "drive down" and save Lynn...with the winch.

Later this same day, Kevin, Lynn Dale, Miss Kat, and Austin decided to check out one of the 4-wheeler trails in Whiskey Park.

FOUR hours later (about 4:00), Cody asked me if we should go check on them. And, then he asked what we'd do if they didn't come back. He was getting worried (and maybe feeling a little left out.) I finally told him that if they weren't back by dark, we'd go get some help. I knew which trail they headed up, but none of us had any idea what it was like once you went out of sight.

Around 6 p.m., they made it back. Finally. In one piece, but full of stories of their adventures. Apparently, the trail degenerated the farther up you went. Very narrow, very steep, and very rough/rugged. I heard stories of them being on two wheels, and climbing boulders and about Lynn sliding off the trail and scaring Kev, thinking he was going to roll the 4-wheeler down the mountain. I heard about areas where they made the kids get off the 4-wheelers--just in case...

NOT something a sensible, and cautious Wife and Mother wants to hear. Seriously, they game me new gray hairs just listening!

And you know what?

They thought it was a fantastic trip! They thought it was great fun and a wild adventure.

Miss Kat wasn't as impressed. She told me later that she wasn't sure they'd ever find their way back--or come out alive!

That's my girl!

The entire trip just proved to me that Boys are boys--at any age, 14 or 50. The only difference is the size of their toys. And at any age...boys just look for trouble, or danger...


Anonymous said...

You and Frank could compete for "best writer". This is so funny. I would like to know if you think the "4-wheeler story" is totally true - even though Kat was concerned about living through it.

Karin said...

I'm envious of your trip although I would have stayed back at the camp too while the boys forged the wild country and been concerned. Did y'all camp there? I'm concerned about my 'boy' too. Now that we are officailly empty nesters, he has an 'adventure' gleam in his eye and he's saying words like, "mountains', "packing", "horses", and "back country". Glad that Lynn wasn't swept awa! LOL!

Shelljo said...

Yes, Mom, I do think the story was true, because all 4 had the same story and they were gone a long time, and Kevin did admit that he was very nervous and said that I couldn't have "handled" it. He's right...I'm much more cautious than he is. I'd have backed all the way down! (Cause there wasn't room to turn the 4-wheelers around.)