Monday, February 13, 2012


 Those look like Stairs!

We're getting closer to actually being able to USE the new stairs.  Kev and I ran to Wichita last weekend and bought some lumber for the trim and the landing.  We literally stumbled on some Pine Car Siding (what it has to do with cars, I do not know.) We liked it enough that we decided to put it on the landing. We also picked up some tile to put by the front door and under the pellet stove and got some stain for the pine.  We stained it all a light walnut using stain in a Danish oil, which we hope will be sufficient as the finish.  We really don't want to put Poly on stairs.
 On Sunday Morning, as he put up the first stringer, Kev said "Darlin', we'll have stairs by the end of the day."  I didn't believe him, because nothing ever goes according to plan...  But, he proved me wrong.

We had stairs by the end of the day and even walked up and down them a couple of times.  The treads aren't attached yet, as we have a little trimming and fitting to do to make them set well against the stringers.  Then Kev will screw them to the stringers and we'll start using them.
 This is the birds eye view of the landing with it's "Car Siding".
 Closer view.  It is tongue and groove.  Right now, I like the small cracks where they fit together.  We'll see how I like it when those grooves are full of dirt, dust, and dog hair!

Most people, when picking pine boards, avoid knots and "imperfections".  Us?  That's what we choose!
The house is still a mess, but we're getting there!


Dirt Road Quilter said...

Wahoo! You have stairs! I'm excited for you - hope y'all are celebrating!

agent713 said...

Woohoo! It's coming along!