Friday, November 02, 2012

Stair project update

Since I last posted pictures, not much has changed in the basement.  Kev has a month to finish, but it's iffy if he can simply because of our schedules.

We've been crazy busy since school started.  He's worked several weekends, we've had endless Volleyball tournaments to go to and we've been helping a friend who unexpectedly found herself divorcing.  She's got to move in the next two weeks, and we'll help, which takes even more time from our project.  (And we wouldn't think of NOT helping her, regardless of our own projects.)  Added to this are family commitments which we know we need to do, but it all takes time away from the Stair Saga.

Things NOT finished yet are:

  • the basement ceiling
  • painting
  • upstairs carpet
  • siding
We're working on them all.  We both hated the suspended ceiling that was in the basement, but weren't sure what we could replace it with, because we also dislike sheet rocked ceilings.  So, what we came up with was a wood ceiling.  Kev has built a "tray" around the outside of the room out of pine boards.  He's also built pine "rafters" or beams across in three places.  Now we are putting up wood panels between the beams to fill it in.  We also replaced the big florescent lights with spotlights (Canned lights?  whatever.)  Kev had to do some rewiring and some patching of sheet rocked walls and he's finally textured the wall where the stairs were and the wall upstairs where we took out an outside door.

I'm the painter, so as soon as I have a chance, I will paint the living room upstairs and the family room downstairs.  I'm thinking about using a different color downstairs, but will keep upstairs the same color.  

Carpet needs to be chosen and laid upstairs.  For a while, we thought about doing two types of flooring upstairs, making the living room and dining room individual instead of the same thing throughout.  But, someday I want to remodel the kitchen and do new flooring in there, so for continuity, and so I don't have three types of flooring upstairs, we're keeping the same carpet in the living room and dining rooms.  I finally got a hold of a carpet company who bring samples to the home and will figure the cost right there in our home.  I've heard good things about this company (based in Woodward, OK), so I'm eager to hear and see what they have.  We meet with then next Tuesday.

Siding...oh my has siding been a drama.  Since our house is a modular, the company which built the house had their own siding installed.  It's NOT a standard size.  It's lap, cedar siding, but it's made of 9 inch boards, not the standard 10, or even 8.  So I finally told Kevin to wait till summer when we can get James Hardy boards and do the entire house rather than siding the front now and the rest of the house later.  So, he's off the hook on siding.

I hope that we'll have it all finished before Christmas.  The terms of the bet will be discussed since Kev says it's not all his fault that it probably won't be done by the 4th of December.  (Besides, I'm in charge of the paint and the carpet...if I don't get it done, it will be MY fault!)

I'll try to get pictures posted of the remaining aspects of the project!

Now that the end is in sight, I wonder what his next project will be...

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