Wednesday, July 03, 2013

page four continued

I told you that I probably would't work on Eldar much during June!  I actually took this shot 2 days ago, and I did work some last night while we were in the house, but it's close enough to where I actually am that you probably wouldnt even notice what I've added in one day.  He has an eye now and you can see the shape of his face.  It's slow going.  Lots and lots of color changes.  Lots of subtility in shading.  I was so excited to start using green, and now I'm rather sick of green!

But, we've got the garden weeded, the flower beds are weeded--for now, and as the temps go back into the high 90's and 100's I might stitch a wee bit more in the evenings.  Maybe I'll get this page finished before Volleyball season starts!

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Ranch Wife said...

And all of those color changes are going to so be worth it! I was sick of brown by the time I finished my bear cub. He was 16"x16" and all bear and tree. Still, it looks like a painting and Elder will be fabulous when he is done too! It's hard to stitch in the summer because by the time we come in for the day, we just want to eat, shower, and go to bed.