Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Andy's bathroom remodel

When we bought this house, there was one room that was not painted white.  It was this bathroom, the main bath, the guest bath, or as we call it, "Andy's bathroom."  He doesn't live with us anymore, but it will probably always be "Andy's bathroom".
 When we first walked in, it was a little overwhelming, all this purple--even the ceiling was purple!
 But, with daylight streaming in the skylight, it's a nice bright room!  That skylight is the only window in this bathroom, and I really love it.  I'd like to put a skylight in my laundry room too, but that will have to wait until we have to replace the roof.  I would never have picked this color, nor would I ever have painted the ceiling.  It's textured. Not a popcorn ceiling, but with what I call a swirly pattern.  Like it was combed with someone's fingers.  Unfortunately, this bathroom had a crappy tub.  It was a one piece unit--walls and tub all made of fiberglass.  Molded into one piece.  And it never drained well.  And the faucet was crap.  We decided to remove the tub and install a walk in shower.  We've still got 2 bathrooms with 2 tubs, and since this one is used primarily as a shower by guests, we decided to make the change.
 Construction wasn't without some challenges...the vent pipe was under the tub, the water lines came up through the floor instead of in the wall and we had to move the drain 6 inches.  We chose the above shower kit.  It's an Onyx product.  Solid surface.  And it's manufactured here in Kansas.  It also has a lifetime guarantee.  My brother had one installed in his house and he really likes it.  It's easy to clean (vinegar and water) and needs very little maintenance.  Someday, we can even add a bench of we desire.  We also replaced the floor in front of the toilet/shower area.  We found a wood looking tile in barnwood grey.  Was super easy to lay the tile and used very little grout.  (In fact, I have a nice big bucket of grey grout if anyone needs some.  I bought way too much grout!)

Kev left the transition strip brown.  Me, I'd have stained it grey to match the floor.
We even switched out the towel rods and the faucet to oil-rubbed bronze.  (We'll replace the actual sink soon. Someone accidently did something to the drain and it leaks.  He damaged the sink, not the drain pipe.  I just need to pick out a new sink and this bathroom is complete!)

I left it all purple because I really had no idea what other color to paint this room, and the thought of painting the ceiling terrified me!  And, I still like the purple!  It turned into a very nice looking bathroom ready for visitors!

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