Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Good bye laminate floors

Last Thursday morning, Kevin went down to feed the dogs at 6 a.m.  He quickly came back upstairs, very angry, and said, "The basement is full of water."

He then disappeared back downstairs.

I went down to find him mopping up water in the main room.  You know, the one we'd finished remodeling a little over a year ago.  The floor was soaked.  Laminate floor + lots of water = disaster.

Also soaked were the bathroom floor, and both bedroom floors.  But where did the water come from?  The main floor bathrooms are both over the garage.  The garage was dry.  We checked the middle bedroom, because the kitchen drain and the laundry room are above it.  Dry ceiling and walls.  That left the basement bathroom.  But no water was running in there.

Finally, through process of elimination, we decided it had to have been the toilet.  The top of the toilet was wet, but it wasn't running over, and the water level was normal.  Kev flushed it, it flushed just fine.  We decided it had to have been plugged and eventually, after running over for hours, resolved itself.  Either that or the dogs did something.

Poor Miss Kat, she was blamed for the fiasco.

Poor us, we had a mess on our hands.
 See the swollen seams?
 Here, the trim bowed.
 The floor in the middle bedroom
The floor in Miss Kat's room.  (Yes, she's a pig.  she had stuff all.over.the.floor.)

I contacted our insurance company.  An Adjuster came out on Monday.  I stayed home from work to visit with him.  All went well, we're set with insurance to replace it all.

On that same Monday morning, around 6:20, Kevin came rushing back into the bedroom, turned on lights, started throwing clothes around, and said, "We just had a pipe burst. I'm sorry, but I had to turn off the water."


Yes, it was -4 outside.  Yes, a water pipe broke in the wall by the stairs.  He just happened to be on the stairs and heard it break.  His quick thinking saved us from MORE water damage.

But, this meant that I'd be home all day without water.  Which meant no bath for me.  It also meant no laundry as well!

But, we're prepared.  I keep bottled water, and I keep one of the water coolers full in the garage.  So I had water.  Kev repaired the pipe that night and put extra insulation in the wall.  We've ripped out the carpet and the laminate floor.  We're now deciding just what to put down now.

I think we've both agreed that we won't put laminate down again.  While it's pretty, the basement was colder this winter.  We really think we need that insulation aspect of carpet. Miss Kat wants laminate in her bedroom, and we might do that--simply because it's a small area and we think we can salvage enough to do her room.  

But for the main living area...we're leaning to carpet tiles at this point.

Who knows.  All I know is I'm going to miss my wood floors.  I also really  hope that we are DONE with water issues!


Ranch Wife said...

OK...just delete my last comment on your previous post about y'all coming down here to tend to my list. I think yours tops mine! :) What a mess! Glad hubby caught the last one!

Linda said...

Oh man! We had a pipe break a few years ago, and didn't notice it for a long time. The water ran in the basement under the stairs, and we don't go down there very often. Well, I went down, felt the we carpet, called the hubby, he got the shop vac and vacuumed it up. We didn't find the pipe that night, but it was wet again the next night, she we started looking. We found it behind the wall. All the stuff I had under the stairs was ruined. The only thing I was sad about was my wedding dress. Oh well, at least the marriage is still strong.

We tore up our carpet on the main floor and put down laminate. I think I like it, but I do have to mop more. You see a lot more dust!

You are doing a lot of work on your homo@

Linda said...

Home! Teaches me for not proof reading!

Martha Ward said...

Too bad you won’t be re-laminating your floor. But then again, if instances like these occur often, it would be best for you guys to find a more permanent remedy. I hope you don’t come across these kinds of problems again, because it doesn’t only affect your baths or the laundry, but it’s also pretty expensive. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post! Take care!

Martha Ward @ Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting