Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 days and three coats of paint later

I took 5 of my last 10 vacation days this week. Instead of basking on a beach somewhere on the plains of Kansas, I spent my time working. Painting to be specific. The goal: to paint Miss Kat's room and to paint the basement family room. The accomplishment to date: painted Miss Kat's room and my bathroom. Yeah, who knew!

I made a deal with Miss Kat. You see, I "inherited" a bedroom set from Grandma and Grandpa. Since Grandma's in the nursing home, Mom and Sandy have decided to sell their house, so we have to clean it out. The bedroom set I "inherited" is one that Grandma and Grandpa "inherited" when they bought the house. It always lived in the middle bedroom, and when they moved in, that room looked very Victorian with flowered wall paper, wooden floors (when they weren't in style) and this dark wooden furniture. When I saw it, at the ripe old age of 10, I remember saying "Oh, Grandma, this room is so beautiful! Can I have this furniture when you die?" So, it's always been "my" furniture and now, I needed to make room for it in my home.

No problem, which leads us to the deal I made with Miss Kat. Kat has a full size bed, which the bedroom set needs. Her mattress would fit perfectly and with 2 dressers, there'd be plenty of room for her clothes. One problem, Miss Kat doesn't love the furniture like I do. So, let's say she was a little resistant. But...Mom is devious. Miss Kat wanted to paint her room, and I told her we could paint it the way she wanted with the colors she wants if she'd take my furniture. She reluctantly agreed, so it was a done deal. She wanted bright green and pink, to match her bedding.

So, on Saturday, we went to town and picked out paint. The color of green we picked is called "Yellow Green" and the Pink is ...heck, some kind of bright pink. We started painting on Monday. Kat decided she wanted three walls green and one pink. And, she found a border that matched, so we decided to put it on our pink wall.

We painted...and painted...and painted. One coat was really splotchy. Two coats was better, but still pretty splotchy. And, we ran out of green. So, Kev bought more on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we finished the third coat and put her room back together. It's bright, but Kat loves it and I rather like it myself.

Andy and I ran to "Big E" yesterday to get the furniture and we got him another dresser too. I cleaned it all up last night and today, around noon, Miss Kat and I set up the bed. Headboard, footboard, and siderails. Only, there was a problem...Kat's bed is too long for the frame. It simply wouldn't fit. I can't express my disappointment, because this is my furniture. So, we compromised...we put up the headboard and used Kat's existing frame and she's using the dressers...but, this means that I have to store the footboard and side rails. I don't know if Kat's bed is a long full sized bed, or if sizing of beds and mattresses has changed since the 30's, 40's or 50's whenever the furniture was made. I'm hoping its a "long". If that's the case, then someday, I might just be able to use the footboard and side rails. (Yeah, we could have brought the mattress and box springs that was in it, but the mattress was a wool mattress and weighed 80 lbs or more and the box springs were just metal springs that had seen better days. Nope, they needed to be retired.)

[insert photo of Kat's room here because that stupid blogger program won't load my pictures,and kicked me out THREE times...]

Now for the bathroom. While Kat and I were getting paint for her room, I wandered back to the "miss-mixed" paint section. There, I found a gallon of blue that was just beautiful. I decided to take a chance and buy it for the bathroom. I'd call it a "thunderstorm" blue, but the tag said "Americana blue". Andy started painting the bathroom while we were painting Kat's room, and i finished up the cutting in and the edging. It's gorgeous! Kev even said "good color." A mighty compliment indeed.

We also bought paint for the basement family room, but, well, I'm not happy with it. I started cutting in, and it's too...too....harvest gold. I pushed the envelop with my green kitchen which is almost avocado green, I'm not going to the '70's again. So, I'll return the paint and pick out something else. I want something warm, but neutral. Maybe I'll make Kev choose...

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agent713 said...

Well, that doesn't sound like the most relaxing "vacation" but it must feel good to get those projects finished!