Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Polygamy books

First, let me apologize for not blogging before now. I just simply did not feel like blogging. The best part of the past week was seeing all my relatives. Too much happened, and I just couldn't blog.
So, I'm getting back into the swing of things by doing a couple of book reviews of books that I've read dealing with the polygamist lifestyle. Rather timely, although I started reading and learning last summer, before the raid at the YFZ ranch in Texas.

So, if you think that polygamy, as practiced by the Fundamentalist Mormons is ok, and if you think that Mormonism is a solid faith, built on Christianity, well, read on and decide for yourself.

For a history of the Fundamentalist Mormon movement, ready Jon Krakauer's book Under the banner of heaven. It's a history of the various sects in the FLDS movement and it's a history of the Mormon church and how its early history has influenced and supported the FLDS movement. I will say, that after reading this book, well, I think that Joseph Smith was a horny man who couldn't bring himself to have affairs, so he made up plural marriages.

Last summer, I read Shattered Dreams by Irene Spencer. Irene was a former plural wife of the LeBaron group. Now, prior to reading this book, I'd always wondered how it would be living in a polygamist lifestyle. Would it be nice to have another woman to share the household chores? Would it be hard to share my husband with another woman? Just what exactly is it like to be married to one man and to share him with one or more wives? Are polygamist wives really happy?

Those questions, and more were answered when I read Shattered Dreams. Now, the LeBaron group is not affiliated with the Warren Jeff's group...directly anyway. They broke away from them in the 1950's, but share many of the same fundamental beliefs. However, the women in the LeBaron group dressed in contemporary dress and even cut their hair. But, the LeBaron group spent many years in Mexico where they lived in absolute poverty and in primitave conditions.

Two books about living the polygamist life in Colorado City/Hilldale area of Utah and Arizona, (which is the headquarters for the Warren Jeff's group) are Escape by Carolyn Jessop and Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall. Both women escaped from this group. Carolyn was in a plural marriage for 17 years and literally escaped in the wee hours of the morning with all 7 of her children. Elissa was forced to marry her first cousin at the age of 14. While she wasn't in a plural marriage, she was forced to marry at a young age to a man she disliked. Elissa was an instrumental witness in the conviction of Warren Jeffs.

These two women were raised in the same community of believers and expressed the difficulties and frustrations and general unhappiness of men and women living a polygamist lifestyle because they have been raised to believe it is the only way to heaven. All of these books have convinced me that polygamy is bad for the women and even bad for the men who practice it. Polygamy is no way for anyone to live.

Decide for yourself. Pick up one or all of these titles and learn about Fundamental Mormonism and polygamy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shelly, trying to catch up on your blog. I've read Stolen Innocence, and I could not believe the things the women and men had to go through. Could not imaging living like that.