Friday, July 24, 2009

Couch potatoes

Kev and I usually get quite a bit done around the house in the evenings. He'll go outside and do "guy stuff", like mess around in the garden, mow, run the weed eater, pull stickers, spray weeds, mess around in his shop, mess around with his smoker, etc.

I'll do supper, clean up the kitchen, yell at Miss Kat for leaving the kitchen a mess all day, pick up the living room, pay bills, go outside and water my flowers, mess around with the cats, yell at either Andy or Miss Kat for something, gather eggs, talk to my chickens, check on my lilac bushes and plants, cross stitch, etc.

But not this week.

This week, we've both been very lazy.

I mean, I haven't yelled at either of my kids all week! What's up with that?

No, we've been serious couch potatoes this week. We watched movies every night this week. And, if we're on the couch watching TV, we aren't outside doing all our other "stuff." I can't remember any other time when we've been so lazy for 4 nights in a row! That's insane!

(But, I haven't been as lazy as Kev...I've been cross stitching while watching those movies, so I'm not as much of a potato as he is!)

This morning, we discussed what all we want to get done at home this weekend. And, then Kev said, "Bring home a couple of movies."

We'll see how this weekend turns out...

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