Friday, July 10, 2009

lightening bugs

It was a beautiful evening last night.

I sat outside at sunset, enjoying the calm and watching the thousands of twinkling lights all across our yard, and the pasture. No one put up Christmas lights, but there were lots of twinkles and flashes of light anyway--from the lightening bugs.

Last night was the perfect night for them to be out. It was warm, and calm. No wind to speak of. And they were out in full force. It was very relaxing to just sit out by the pond, listening to the waterfall, and watching the light show.

The chickens were in bed, the kittens were frolicking in the drive and the lightening bugs were putting on their show. I could see twinkles of light for over a quarter of a mile. I think that next time, I just might take out the camera and try to get a picture. But, then again, I might not. It was simply too relaxing sitting by the pond and enjoying the evening.

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