Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thanksgiving fun

Kev's parents joined us over the Thanksgiving holiday. They drove out from Colorado Springs. Contrary to tradition and popular thought, I like my in-laws and actually enjoy seeing them and spending time with them. I just wish we got together more often.

One of the things we did with the folks was to show them around the area. Kev's Mom wanted to have a feel for areas I talk about here, so showing her around was a perfect excuse for Kev and I to run around--something we enjoy anyway!

I managed to grab the camera and had it ready for our first stop--the Ranch. Kev actually wanted to show his folks where he hunts and the ranch is so rugged and pretty that we just had to show it off.

Dad wasn't at the corral when we got there, but he soon arrived, herding some calves back to the pens. These calves came in last week and Dad likes to keep them close for a while just to make sure they all survive the stress of the move.
My 67 year old father, still on horseback. It was a little chilly--below 32 degrees. I was surprised he wasn't wearing his chaps, but I'll bet he had his long johns on! I like watching Dad ride. He "is one" with the horse--zen like. (And cowboys everywhere are laughing at the Zen comment!)
After this point, we wandered off down in the canyons...and my camera said "Battery Exhausted" and refused to cooperate with me the rest of the day. I asked Kev if he would run me to Minneola to get new batteries, and he gave me "the look" which meant NO.
Our next stop was the farm where we spent several hours looking at "Old crap." Kev's Dad loves old crap too! So we had a good time. In fact, I found this treasure back under the eaves of the house...

An Aladdin lamp with intact chimney and a bug screen to boot! It's a Model B Aladdin lamp made between 1935-1939. Dad remembers studying by the light of this this lamp. (They didn't get electricity until the 1950's).

Sadly, it needs a good cleaning, and I need to see if I can find replacement parts for all the brass fittings. The wick was still in the lamp but I can't get it to move and the burners are in bad shape. (look below)

Never fear, I got it apart, and washed the base. It's much cleaner. The chimney is in perfect shape. The bug screen won't keep bugs out, but I can easily get a new one. So, sometime in the near future, I'll be browsing the web looking for new parts to get this lamp back in business.
It was a nice holiday spent with people we love.
Now, my mind turns to other surgery is tomorrow. Don't know if I'll be blogging again soon, but I'll try. I have a stack of 8 books, my mp3 player is loaded with 2 audio books and 20 some hours of music. I have lots of DVD's waiting to watch and then there are all the Christmas movies on Hallmark. I have several stitching projects lined up too. Most of the Christmas shopping is done. Not wrapped, but done! So, I guess I'm ready.
I'll be seeing you all soon!

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Karin said...

Ahem. I would send you a card for after your surgery, but I need to know where to send it so drop me an email if you get the chance. If I address it to Kansas Territory, I'm not sure you'll get it. Grin. I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in prayer. Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful holiday. I envy you getting to sort through all that wonderful old stuff. And I completely get the 'zen' comment. I'm married to one of those cowboys. Let 'em laugh. Its a beautiful thing to watch them communicate with their horses.