Monday, December 13, 2010

surgery update

Look at me, on the computer! I asked Miss Kat to bring it up today as I actually felt like checking in online--briefly. It IS almost nap time...

Surgery went well--as far as I know. I was in for two hours rather than one as expected, but I keep forgetting to ask the Dr why it took longer. I won't see him again until the 30th, so maybe I'll remember then, or maybe by then, it won't matter. will, I am a curious person and like answers, so maybe I'll know what all happened.

I can say with all confidence that once I woke up, I hurt. I hurt a lot. I hurt more than I thought I would and I hurt more than I probably ever had. I can also say with confidence that when they ask you to rate your pain level from one to 10...that's a stupid thing to ask--too subjective. Because I refused to say "10" and didn't even want to say "8 or 9" both are wimpy. So I only rated my pain as a 7. Looking was probably a 9. The morphine pump did not get me through the pain for 24 hours. I lived in 15 minute intervals--which was how often I could get another hit. Once we switched to pain pills, I did much better. I did ask my son to shoot me, but he and Mom and Kev were all fairly patient with grouchy me.

I was rather annoyed with my husband, who would check my pump every time he came in the room to see how many times I'd hit it. He'd then announce my number to me and Mom..."O look, your at 17...25...40..." Pissed me off actually. But, in hindsight, I now can see that it was his way of seeing how much pain I was in. I was interpreting it as a "how much of a wimp is my wife being?" (And I did not tell him he was annoying me.)

In actuality, he was a sweetheart. He opted to work in the hospital that day so he'd be close by and could check in on me frequently He stayed late and helped me get in and out of bed and help me get comfortable. Once I was up and walking, he'd walk with me--just like he does his regular hospital patients--except he didn't charge me for the therapy, and he give me kisses. (In fact, one nurse, who didn't know I was his wife, asked him if he kissed all his patients!) He would refill my ice cup whenever I needed more ice too. I didn't have to wait on a nurse, ,which was nice. Since it was his weekend to work, he was there with me Saturday and Sunday too.

I had been told that I'd probably go home Saturday, but I couldn't go home till Sunday because my bowels weren't making and passing gas. SOOOOOOO annoying...who knew farting was so important? But, until then, no food or drink, other than the ice chips. Which was fine, my appetite didn't come back until...Tuesday? Wednesday? One of those days.

I got my staples out this past Thursday. Feels so much better now. I can lay down flat, when before, with the staples, I couldn't. They just pulled and laying down was uncomfortable. My new goal is to sleep on my side again. And for my stomach to not be numb from the belly button down. And to take a bath. I can take a bath this coming weekend. Believe you me...I'm taking a bath!

I did have a couple of issues that came up...1. I am allergic to the tape they used, I had nice blisters and some scabbing under the tape that held the bandage on. And, 2. apparently, I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic, because on Thursday night, once I got home from seeing the Dr, we found I had hives all over my back.

I knew it had been itching like crazy, but attributed that to me laying/reclining so much or dry skin. When I finally caved and asked Kev to put lotion on my back, we found the hives. No wonder I itched! I will have to remember to mention that to the Dr next time I see him. I need to know what exactly he used.

But, I'm on the mend. I'm starting to feel like ME again and I'm getting frustrated with my restrictions, so I'm doing fine. Just don't make me laugh, cough, or sneeze. Those are NOT fun. It's amusing for Kev--watching me suppress sneezes or coughs. But, that's my job, amusing Kev.

I've started doing some cooking again and I help Miss Kat with the dishes, but I'm being good and am not painting the hallway, or cleaning the toilets or scrubbing the tub or vacuuming...but, I am getting tired of TV and my books. I've picked up a little stitching project, but can't seem to work on it very long before I'm restless. I've got 4 more weeks of restrictions. I'm going to try to be good, but it's not going to be easy.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers everyone. I'll be back soon!


Megan said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay. When I was asked during deliveries about my 1-10 pain level I'd just say "I'm in as much pain as I care to get in" without saying a number:) I think Kevin knows you're tough! Hope you keep recovering quickly and I'm sure baths and being a little more active little bits at a time will help. Keep us updated!

Karin said...

Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted - been thinking about you and hoping you're feeling better. Glad you're getting around a bit, but yes, leave those toilets to your little helper elves for a while! If your feeling restless, that's a good sign you're feeling better! Tell Kat to wash some dishes for me because I would so do that if I were closer.