Friday, January 07, 2011

A tale of cats, chickens, and mice

This morning, as I went to get feed out for the chickens, I discovered 5 mice in the feed barrel. The level of feed was low enough that mice couldn't scamper back up and out. They were trapped.

I don't hate mice, but I also don't necessarily like them either--especially if they are running across my feet or up my legs. I tried to convince the chickens that they should come back inside and catch these mice...after all, a little protein would be good for their health...

The stupid chickens decided they would rather be outside eating sunflower seeds and enjoying the sunshine instead of catching mice inside. They felt that I was better suited to handle the situation.

So, I did what any other country girl would do...

I went outside the pen, grabbed the yellow tom and showed him the buffet dinner. It didn't take him long to literally jump in and grab a snack. He then jumped back out and took his tender tasty treat outside. That worked so well, I went and grabbed another cat. I showed her the feast and she immediately deserted my arms for the smorgasbord. The third cat I selected was afraid of my attentions. I had to put her into the feed barrel and she sat there, confused as three little mice ran around and under her tail. She finally noticed the delectable morsels running around her feet, made her selection, and departed. This left two slightly panicky mice. By this time, Cutie, our former house cat, now outside cat, came over to see what I was doing--giving attention to these other cats and not her.

Cutie immediately assessed the situation in the feed barrel and took matters into her own paws--deserting me for a tender mouse snack. I had one mouse left, but the other cats who were around aren't exactly tame and wouldn't hear of me picking them up. By this time, Cutie had finished her snack, I decided to see if she was hungry enough for seconds. She was.

The chickens were right...I did know how to handle the situation. Who needs chickens when you have cats.

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Karin said...

LOL! Aren't you clever! Good way for the cats to earn their keep and they didn't even have to pursue it. Good deal for you and them!