Monday, January 31, 2011


We butchered our first beef on Saturday. I took the camera to get photos to document the process, but then got busy watching the guys cut her up, and then wrapping up the meat myself, and completely forgot to take pictures!

Dad had this heifer at the ranch who broke her leg or something, and so they kept her separated, but whenever they'd try to load her on a trailer or anything she'd go berserk on them. Knowing they'd never be able to sell her, Dad asked Kevin if he'd be interested in butchering her himself. Kev was, so 3 weeks ago, they put her down and quartered the carcass. Kev then ran the quarters up to our friend Mark's house. Mark happens to have cut up a couple of beef before and he also has all the necessary equipment, so his house tends to be our butchering headquarters. We let the meat age for 3 weeks.

Now last week, as all of us in Kansas are aware, we had a warming trend. On Saturday, butchering day, the temp outside was 70. Our meat had thawed, but was still nice and cool. It really was a nice day to cut up meat. Dad came and helped Kevin and Mark cut up the meat and Deanna and I wrapped the meat. (Mom was assisting with a 90th birthday party...or so she says.)

We didn't get a final weight on how much meat we had, but I know we had well over 100 packages of hamburger. Dad took 1/2 and we got the other half. They guys figured she weighed 1400 or more pounds.

We started around 12:30 and the guys finished up their end close to 7 p.m. I thought they did a fantastic job, because cutting and trimming all that meat is a job and they are amateures. We meat wrappers are too. Our packages aren't as pretty as commercial butcher packaging is, but we don't care. Besides, Commercial packagers don't label meat "boogers" or "Buger" or "Eye of Newt steaks"!

Last night, Kev grilled T-bones. They were huge, but oh so tender and tasty. Just melted like butter in your mouth. Miss Kat and I ate one steak and Kev ate the other. So wonderful! There's nothing better than home grown and home butchered meat. I, for one am very happy to have a freezer that is full of beef and chicken. In two weeks, we'll be butchering pigs.

There's nothing better than a freezer full of meat.


Megan said...

While I am jealous of the fresh & abundant meat you have I'm not at all disappointed that there aren't any pictures. Not necessary!!!

Karin said...

Butchering a beef is a huge job, but so worth it! A freezer full of meat that did not come from the grocery store is a big blessing! Makes me very thankful.