Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frosting on the cake

I did it. It's done!

Since November, I've paid off $3000 in medical bills. I mailed the last three checks last night. How'd I do it?
  • Last semester, I taught a section of College Orientation. I earned some extra money for that.
  • I got a raise that was paid in November, but it was retroactive back to July.
  • Kevin has been working like crazy, earning a lot of overtime.
  • Kev also had maxed out his vacation time, so had to cash some in.

And every extra dime we earned went towards paying off those darn medical bills of mine. (And with Christmas and the start of a new college semester for Andy and quarterly insurance, it wasn't easy.) I stuck to my budget and to my guns and we managed to pay it all off.

I can't help but think of the other things that money could have been used for, but I need to thank the stars that it was here when we needed it. Kev's overtime hours should be ending soon, and I'm glad. While we needed that money, I like having him at home on weekends and he needs a little down time. I'm not teaching a class this semester, but I did put my name in the hat to teach some outreach classes and perhaps I'll teach again soon.

On another front, we opened a letter from the County Conservation office last night. Apparently Miss Kat won an award for a limerick she wrote last spring. We've been invited to the annual banquet for a free steak dinner where she'll receive her award. She hasn't decided if she can "fit" the banquet into her busy schedule yet, but even so, I'm proud of her...if only she could remember her limerick! I'm not biased at all, but I think she has a future as a writer--maybe even a paid writer!

Her award was just frosting on the cake.

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