Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making Bratwurst!

Kim and I mixed up our seasoning for the Bratwursts on Friday night. We packaged it up in 25 lb packages; until we ran out of rosemary and nutmeg. And then, Kim re-figured the math, and discovered that I am not to be relied upon when quadrupling a recipe. Let's just say I had
oct-tupled the rosemary. But, we figured out how to fix it, and went on our merry way; mixing spices.

Those spices we added to the ground pork and mixed it all in good on Saturday, letting the flavors blend overnight before we put it all in the casings. Our meat grinder came with sausage tubes, so that's what we used.
Bob bought real hog casings from his local butcher shop. Since they come in a salt brine, we had to wash and rinse them before using. (I don't have to explain what hog casings are, do I?)
The above shot is of the Casing on the sausage tube, with Kevin filling the casing.
This one looks a little obscene...however, it's the first brat off the assembly line and the meat had escaped out the end of the casing.

look much better! We made 3 kinds, plain, jalapeno, and cheese brats.

Bob, showing off his nice string of sausages...and all look to be pretty close in size too!
I can assure you, they are delicious.

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