Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm tired. We butchered 6 pigs and one goat this weekend. That was all accomplished on Saturday. Yesterday, we made bratwursts. 100 lbs of bratwursts. "Plain" ones, cheese ones and jalapeno brats. I'll post pictures later...cause I'm tired.

I would have preferred staying in bed today, but I got up and went to work...but I'm tired.

I'm also proud. Kim and Bob only brought one of their three children--Tate. Bailey and Dual had work and play practice, so they "got" to stay home. We weren't about to leave Miss Kat and Tate home alone--together--alone all day, so we made them come along to help us process our pigs.

Tate worked out in the shed with the other men while Kat stayed inside with us girls. And they worked. Tate deboned meat and got it ready for grinding for hamburger. I asked Tate what he learned out there with the guys and he replied, "What happens in the hog shed stays in the hog shed..." Which makes me wonder exactly what was said out there...

Miss Kat taped and wrapped packages of meat. Some packages she illustrated with pictures of flying pigs, pig angels, pigs withhearts and what-not. Somehow, she ended up with 5 goat shoulders--from one goat. Guess we forgot to tell her that one package is probably ribs and the other two are simply legs--not shoulders. But, still, she was a great help. And I don't even think we embarrassed her...too much... (and WE didn't have to put a "gag" order on her!)

We had great meals though. Deanna had some Taco rolls for lunch and I took enchiladas out for supper topped off with all the fixin's and finished with a pear pie and apricot pie. We went home tired but full.

This was our last butchering session of the year...I hope. Our freezers are plum full. On the other hand, we've got a year's worth--or more of good meat for our family. I might be tired, but it's a satisfying tired.

Now if I could just curl up in my office and take a nap!

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

After reading about your day, I'm tired too! Y'all got a lot accomplished! That's hard work. My best friend and her husband had a meat market and I would go help out every now and then. Can't remember ever being that tired...and that was 20 years ago. You're right though - it's a good tired. And now you will get a chuckle all year when you pull out the inspired artwork from KAt with each package! Love that!