Monday, July 25, 2011


It's been a record dry summer here in Southwest Kansas. In fact, it's dryer than it was in the depression. We're in what the weather experts call an "exceptional drought."

We've had less than 10 inches of rain in the past year and there's not much in sight. We've also been hammered with 30 days of 100 degree temperatures. And, again, no relief in sight. The grass crunches as you walk across it. Weeds aren't growing...neither is anything else.

This picture is of our grapes. They are green and loaded. They are also watered by a drip system. Hopefully, we'll get grapes, cause nothing else in the garden is doing well. This is our corn. By now, it should be 6 feet tall and full of ears of corn. Instead, it's 2 feet tall, some is 3 feet tall. It has ears of corn on it, but there aren't any kernels and it's burning up. And, we water daily. Kev has a drip system set up, but it's too hot and dry.

Look across those pastures--no green.

We've been watering the trees at our place, trying to keep them alive. All are young trees and we hate to lose any. But, in this photo, you can see how the buffalo grass greens up with a little bit of water. That that hasn't been watered is brown. You can track our sprinkler through the yard.

Kevin and Andy actually mowed last mowing. They only mowed the weeds that had been "watered." Mowing usually takes 1/2 a day. This time, it took an hour. Yep, it's dry.

So, if you are so inclined, please pray that it rains in SW Kansas. We really need it.


Violet said...

I've been keeping y'all in the SouthWest in my thoughts. What a horrible drought.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

I hear you and will add you to my prayers. We're in the same boat. Have had .6" since September. Not good. My garden is nonexistent. Like you, we're watering the trees like crazy, just to keep them alive. Not much mowing going on around here this summer either, You know it's dry when the weeds don't grow.