Monday, July 04, 2011

i'm so bad...

I have to apologize for not blogging for an entire month! That's bad. It's not that nothing has happened, I just haven't taken time to blog. So, for a quick update...

1. It's dry here in SW Kansas...we're at least 10 inches of rain below average, and it looks it. The pastures have never greened up. Grass crunches as you walk across it. Kevin has mowed twice all summer. Our garden just doesn't look good.

2. The garden doesn't look good partly because we've got a mole who ate my peanuts and half of everything else. The corn is 2 feet high, has tasseled, and has set on ears...I'm guessing it's the shortest corn on record. Pitiful... we didn't get to eat any lettuce or broccoli. Three beets came up. Three head of onions are there, but aren't doing anything. The potato's are looking good as are the tomatoes, but we haven't enjoyed any yet.

3. Miss Kat has her learners permit for driving. We're trying to get her all her hours in this summer so she can get her farm permit and drive herself to school and volleyball practice. Of course, she thinks that she is a much better driver than she is...and her "instructors", otherwise known as her parents, are just not that smart.

4. Andy moved home. It's interesting having him back home...he was here less than 24 hours when the fighting started.

5. Work has been going well, I've had every Friday off and have only managed to use 8 of my 22 vacation days (which had to be used by July 1.) Now that it is July...I have 34 vacations to use before next July 1.

6. Our camera died. (which might have something to do with the lack of blogging.)

7. I've done a little genealogy research on my Great Grandfather, Harvey Lewis Woodruff. Harvey did it all...he ran away from home at the age of 13 or 14, was a cowboy on the cattle trails, had a silver mine and tried mining for gold in Colorado. He gambled in Dodge City and then was a "Sooner" in the Oklahoma panhandle before finally settling down, getting married, and moving to the Farm. Sometime, hopefully soon, I'll post about Harvey. promise.

8. It's been hot, hot, hot here. We've had over 10 days of over-100-degree days in June! Hot and dry. In fact, it's so dry that fireworks have been banned. And it's so hot that no one wants to be outside after noon.

9. let's see...I've painted Andy's room, Miss Kat's old room (the pink and green one) and our new front door. There are now only two rooms in this house that need painting; the "office/bedroom, and Miss Kat's bathroom.)

10. I spent a day and a half tiling my brother Steve's bathroom. It's been an ongoing project for well over 2 years now. Steve is a great Cowboy, but he sucks and home improvement/handyman stuff. But, his bathroom is finally done. (If he gets the mop boards up and the trim back up around the door.)

11. I've started stitching 2 baby pictures for the newest additions to the family...Amelia and Caroline. Being twins, they will get the same picture, but to make them different, i scanned the pattern and flipped it, so they'll be the same...and yet unique.

12. We've been out to the farm a few times. We've cut more trees down, watered our blueberries (which are still alive, and green, but they aren't growing very fast.) and tried out a chipper. We're not keeping this chipper and will keep looking for one, but we had fun! Yesterday, we took Miss Kat the farm. While there, I found a young porcupine. Since Dad has requested that we shoot any we find, Kev obliged. (Porcupines will throw quills at horses and cattle. Cattle can't eat with quills in their noses, which is why Dad would like them "controlled.")

Looking at all this, it looks like I've been busy! I have, but I promise, I'll not be so delinquent next time. Heck, I just might buy myself a new camera and get some pictures taken for more posts...stay tuned!

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

I''ve been saving your post in ,y reader until I could reply. so sad that it has taken me almost a month! Life is busy, isn't it? I'm not getting much done in the way of blogging either. Sounds like you've had a busy summer. A new driver and another chick coming home to roost. Is he just home for the summer? Still dry here too. Hoping y'all have caught some rain since you posted.