Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Inman Winter Formal

On the 17th of December, Miss Kat and I drove to Inman so she could attend the Inman High School Winter Formal Dance with Tate.  Now, these two have known each other since they were 3 or 4, so no big romance, but just good friends. (Besides, they're too young for any serious romance!)

 Tate, Miss Kat, Bailey and Dual. 

Bailey graduated from High School at semester and will be going to Marine boot camp in June.  She shouldn't be old enough, but she is.  I've seen all four of these kids covered, head to toe in mud, so I can say that they clean up very nicely!  Until recently, Tate was shorter than Kat, but he's finally started growing and has really sprouted.  His voice has dropped too.  He and Dual are now both nice baritones.  I still wish they were all 10 again...
Here's a shot of the young couple, Kat and Tate.
 The siblings, Tate, Bailey and Dual.
And, to top things's a "normal" shot of Kat!  Gotta love her!

Bailey is two years older than Miss Kat.  Looking at these pictures, I can't help but remember when Bailey was entering puberty, and wasn't as interested in tom-boying with Kat but was becoming more interested in boys...and being a young lady.  Poor Kat came to me one day, crying because Bailey was more interested in spending time with Andy and not playing with her.  She was just devastated and didn't understand.  I remember sitting her on my lap, hugging her, and explaining to her that in a couple of years, she'd be just like Bailey, and that they'd be just as close again. 

I asked her on this trip if she remembered that day.  She laughed and said she did, and that I was right.

Sometimes, being right is bittersweet.

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