Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My babies.

Just wanted to stick this one in.  Christmas morning.  My babies with their stockings.  I cross stitched them for the kids.  Kat's the the same one I made when she was a baby.  You can't see, but it's of a little blond girl standing beside a manger with baby Jesus in it. 

This is actually Andy's second stocking.  When he was in Middle School, he asked for a new stocking.  Apparently he thought he was to old for his Santa and Teddy Bear stocking.  So, we found the one he has above.  It's a church in the background with deer in the foreground.  He thinks it is much more "manly".

My babies...they're growing up way to fast!


Megan Purinton said...

Even though I see Andy as often as any of you, I could have sworn that was Kevin sitting next to Kat! Had to do a double take!

Shelljo said...

Too funny Megan!

Jody said...

I did too Megan! Wow, what happened to that tiny baby boy with the the monitor leads that I thought would never fill out???