Thursday, March 22, 2012

Basement pictures

 Here's a shot of the basement looking south.  The white strip above the TV is where a coat rack hung.  I have always hated it there, and just took it down after we'd finished laying the floor.  Once Kev puts mop boards back up, I'll paint, but until makes a nice detail above the TV (ha!)  We used to also have a big cedar cabinet sitting where the TV now sits, but with the remodel, we had to change our furniture layout. 
 Here's the opposite view, looking to the North.  (Notice the ceiling is still tore up.)  Please ignore the vacuum and the ladder and the sack of cat food, and the junk on the couch.  The big cedar cabinet now sits in the NW corner, under the stairs.  I think it looks nice there with the furnace duct hanging down behind it...
 See the Window and the big wooden post?  Kev enclosed the metal support pole with pine boards to make the post.  I like the look, but he needs to smooth down the edges on all four corners.  They are sharp, and I can't drag my hand around the post without fear of splinters!  Maybe, if I offered to do a pole dance around the post, he'd smooth those edges out!

The bars in the window is our way of making the landing safer.  We wanted to do something to the window, just in case someone ever fell down the stairs (or tripped while performing a pole dance).  Kev rigged up this barred window just for that.  It's not finished yet, but this is what he has in mind.  He still has to close in the one side of the landing.  He's hoping to make it a hidden door and then we could use the space under the landing for storage.
The finished tile work with the pellet stove. Kev's not happy with the placement of the pellet stove.  Since we removed the platform, our pipe didn't quite line up.  So, we bought an additional elbow, but it was too long, so we had to put the pellet stove closer to the edge of the tile.  Instead of seeing if he can just buy a shorter piece of stove pipe, he's got this new scheme to build a new pedestal out of metal that would just sit under the stove base and raise the stove back up so our original pipe will work. 

I think he's nuts, but that's nothing unusual and usually, he manages to make it work and look nice.  But I still think it would be easier to just look for new stove pipe.

Now, paint.  Since I found almost a gallon of the same color of paint as is already on the walls, I wasn't going to change the color of the walls.  BUT...I'm wondering if we have too much brown in the basement.  So, if anyone has suggestions on a new wall color, let me know.  My first thought was a nice yellow, but we have yellow upstairs.  Then I thought about a nice blue color, but I want the basement to look and feel warm.  So, I'm at a loss on what to do about the wall color.

Next aspect will be Kev finishing the window do-hickey, putting down transition strips between the tile and laminate, dusting again, and decide what we are going to do with the ceiling.


jengels said...

I'm pretty sure the kids will not try to go surfing down this set of stairs in sleeping bags! LOL

Shelljo said...

WEll...they are getting a little old for that...maybe...Kev said he'd never ask me to do a pole dance cuz I'd just fall out the window or break my arm.

JENGELS said...

They do have pole dance classes these days! When you all are up in 2 weeks, I'll be sure to tell Kev to be sure to enroll you. . . That way he won't have to worry about you falling! HE HE HE

Megan Purinton said...

I think a slate gray/blue would be pretty down there. You can go fairly dark without it looking dark. I just used a Sherwin-Williams color called might be a little bluer than you want but maybe not. It's a pretty color and goes with the homeowner's oak cabinets really well. And I'd paint BEFORE the mop boards go down so you don't have to cut-in!