Tuesday, March 20, 2012


No pictures yet, but we've finished the floors!  We grouted the tile (which killed my back).  We laid the laminate floor (which killed my back, knees, and hands).  And, we put the furniture "back". 

Still need mop boards put back up and we need transition strips between the tile and the laminate and we need a ceiling.

Upstairs, we need a door removed, new carpet, walls textured and painted etc.  I found a gallon of the paint I used initially in the basement, so think I'll just touch up what needs to be repainted down there until I can figure out a color I really like.

Kev took a little time off to go fishing and we got some early veggies planted in the garden.

I've spent some time with my folks.  My Dad had a cornea transplant, so I've done some spousal murder intervention and saved Dad's life and Mom's sanity.

I've visited with Uncle Dale and Aunt Jo, picking up some family stories.

I've ordered my Mother a much needed new computer.

It's been a good month!

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

Well you've been a busy girl! Sounds like good progress has been made! Spousal Murder Intervention - LOL. You crack me up! You are obviously a woman of many talents!