Monday, April 09, 2012

The Big day.

Saturday was Jody's big day.  Her wedding day.

Kev, Kat and I went back to Northwest Kansas this weekend for Jody's wedding.  We left home fairly early in the morning because Kev hoped to have time to drive to his former facilities to see patients and people he worked with before we moved.  I didn't have to be at the wedding site till rehearsal, at 6 that evening.  We dropped Miss Kat off with Miss Jenna in Colby, and we drove on to Goodland, then up to St. Francis and finally headed back to Atwood, which was the location for the wedding.  Since Kev had worked at the nursing homes in all three communities, it worked out well.

Of course everyone he worked with was happy to see him.  Some of the patients he hoped to see had died, so he was sad to learn of that, but he enjoyed seeing everyone and seeing the changes made in various facilities.  It was also great to see how green NW Kansas is.  All the flowering trees were in bloom, which is at least 2 weeks earlier than normal.

We checked into our hotel, and then Kev dropped me off at rehearsal and he met Lynn Dale for supper.  Rehearsal went well, and the rehearsal dinner was good.  What was best was just having some time to sit and visit and catch up with everyone.  Jody wasn't too stressed; but she  was at that point where she was ready to be done with wedding stuff and get on with the marriage. 

Saturday morning, we girls gathered at the church to get primped.  Jody had two gals booked to do hair and they were kept busy!  We bridesmaids all had our hair up and I sure wished I had stock in bobby pins.  There were tons used in our hair!

Pictures of the Bride and Groom began at 1:00, and the rest of us needed to be ready by 2:00.  The Bride, Jody, isn't known for her punctuality...but we had her ready and upstairs almost on time.  The photographer was giving her and Trent (aka the Groom) a couple of "alone" minutes.  I peeked in, but instantly got weepy and teary and quickly went back downstairs.  Lordy, I was in trouble.  But, I got myself under control and didn't cry again.  Weepy?  yes, but cry?  No.  Although Miss Kat told her Dad that I was trying real hard NOT to cry as I walked down the aisle.  I thought I had it under control by then...

It was a very nice and personal ceremony.  Trent is adopting Jody's youngest child, Josie and they had a special little exchange of vows--just the two of them.  Which was a cheek biter for me, (if you bite your cheek, you won't cry...)  Then, Jody's boys joined their Mom, Trent, and sister for a sand ceremony.  The sand ceremony signified they were all joining together as a new family and that once combined, their various colored sands could never be separated, just as their lives would never be separate.  It was very unique and very special to witness.

And then we partied.  There was the supper, the reception and the dance.  No one warned me, but I was supposed to give a toast.  I psyched myself up, and then couldn't do it.  Fortunately, Debbie, one of the bridesmaids, wanted to do it and did a great job.  She almost cried but managed to get through it.  People on TV give toasts and never cry...I wish I could say the same.  I wish I could have done it, but I wouldn't have gotten through it.  Remember, when I left CCC, Jody and I couldn't say good-bye, because we were afraid of the tears, so I hope she knows me enough to know the thought was there, but it just would make it out!

Jody has been in my life for many years.  I've watched and shared some happy times with her and some sad times.  I wasn't sure she was marrying the right guy the first time she got married, but I think she got it right this time.  Trent makes her laugh, and he understands that she's a crier.  She cries when she's happy, sad, and scared.  He's OK with that.  She's a calmer person with him--because he's there to support her and she doesn't have to be strong all the time.  She lit up every time she looked at him, and he did the same.  Since I haven't been around to watch this relationship grow, I was very happy to see what Trent gives her.  And, those friends of mine who do know Trent said that she does the same for him. 

I'm glad I was a part of it...

even IF I had to wear a damn dress.

AND...for those who wanted to see's a few. 
 Kev took time to teach Kat to two step.
 Jenna (Left) and Miss Kat (right)
 This little girl fell in love with Kat and Jenna and asked the girls to dance with her.  Then, after their dance, she burst into tears because some other little girl told her she wasn't a good dancer and that Kat and Jenna would never dance with her.  So, the girls danced with her at least one more time.  It was a proud Mama moment for me.
 We three girls.  Me, Debbie, and Melanie.  The groom's Aunt, Pat, made our shawls.  They were beautiful!
And...finally, one of Kev and our "almost" natural state.


Megan Purinton said...

Well I learned something new here.... I never would have guessed you to not give a toast but after reading this I get it. Sounds like you & Jody have a perfect unspoken relationship, just as friends should have. You look great and it appears as if the day was beautiful!

jengels said...

3 words. . . KLEENEX BOX WARNING!!!!

You know me too well Shell! But you forgot the warning here.

And I was so very glad to not hear any "loud sighs" come out Shell. So I was pretty sure you enjoyed it all!

Thank you for everything you did. . . and it's probably a good thing you didn't try to give the toast, because neither one of us would have made it through it, without bawling and blubbering like babies!

You have been and will always be one of my best friends! I love ya!