Thursday, April 19, 2012


 We were treated to a gorgeous sunrise last Sunday morning.  Kev and I were at the farm, hoping to get a Turkey on this first weekend of the season.  We did see 10 turkeys, but they wouldn't cooperate with us and Kev didn't get a shot.  But, we did enjoy the sunrise and all the green grass and wildflowers.
 Last year, it never greened up, so no wildflowers.  This year, we've gotten rain, and the prairies are so nice and green and the spring wildflowers are going crazy!
 Grandma hasn't lived at the farm since 1973, but her Spirea was beautiful this year.
 Her wild roses were beautiful as well.  I took a cutting of these home last year, but my roses didn't bloom this year.  I think they spent last year struggling to survive.  Seeing these at the farm gives me hope that my roses will take off and bloom in the future.
 I liked the wild flax.  But, I'm partial to blue flowers.  I need to remember to plant some flax somewhere at our place because it's so pretty.
 No idea what the yellow flowers are, but they were so pretty with the blue flax intermingled amongst them.
 Even the mustard was nice to see.  Granted, it's 2 feet tall, and is everywhere, but still, it's green!
Just a parting shot of the pretty flowers on our glorious morning at the farm.

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