Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kev's rustic coffee table

One of the first projects we did in this house was to install the pellet stove.  If you will remember, Kev found a big slab of black walnut wood and made this mantle.  He left the bark on it, and left it rustic looking.  At that time, Kev told me he was going to make a coffee table from the remaining slab, but he wasn't sure how he wanted it to look.

Then, this spring, 4 years later, he picked up some more pieces of the black walnut wood when he picked up the lumber for our stairs.  He told me he finally knew how he wanted to make his coffee table.  This is the result:

 He finally made his coffee table.  Two levels, one small piece resting perpendicular to the much larger table top.

I realize maybe the "legs" might not seem too impressive, but, see how clever it is designed?  The big stump was where the tree had branched.  Kev put the short piece of wood on one branch and the bulk of the table top rests on the other branch. He sanded the stumps making them as smooth as the table top.

It is beautiful. And, I have to admit, very unique.  I thought the wood grain was pretty before we sealed it, but once we poured the Tung oil on, the grain actually "popped".  It's a beautiful addition to our basement.


Dirt Road Quilter said...

Wow-I'm impressed! That is very cool!

agent713 said...

Cool! I totally remember when he made the mantle as well.