Thursday, March 28, 2013

A quicky...

Some quick updates...

Miss Kat's basketball team took 3rd at the State Tournament!  They won the consolation game in the very last second.  It was just like an NCAA game!  The pressure, the excitement, the shouts of joy, the tears.  It was amazing!  I wasn't sure I'd get to go see the State games, but I was able to find plenty of help at work to cover and was able to attend every game.  Miss Kat doesn't plan on playing next year, so this was an exciting finish to her first and last season of High School Basketball.

We've had more snow in the month of March than we've had in the past two years!  Much needed moisture.  I'm ready for spring though.

Mr. Andrew is finishing up his Fire Science/EMT classes.  He's looking at potential jobs in Wichita and in Dodge City.  While I love him dearly, I think we will all be ready for him to move out and to start his life.  

Kev has been starting plants in the greenhouse.  We lost all but two of the tomatoes he started.  Back to square one on those!  We're discussing other remodeling projects in the house.  Kev's shower needs to be done, as does the bathtub/shower in Andy's bathroom.  We also would like to completely remodel the kitchen, but the cost and the idea of not having a kitchen for a while is stopping us from just diving into that!  But, as spring rolls in, Kev's thoughts will turn towards outside projects.  We need to put new siding on the house, so I really expect that will be our next big project.

I've still been working on Eldar.  I discovered that floss colors have changed over time.  I bought new skeins of 3 colors of gray and realized that the dye lots are not the same as what I had in stock.  I've figured out a solution, and just hope it's not noticeable to anyone but me!

Basketball season might be over, but track season starts today.  Miss Kat has her first meet today.  She's running the 200, and legs in the 4 x 100 and the 4 x 400.  (Why can't they still just call them the Quarter relay and the Mile relay?)  We're ready to cheer her on!

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