Friday, March 01, 2013

Snow days

We were visited by Winter storms Q and Rocky last week.  In fact, the kids and I had 4 snow days.  Three for Q and one for Rocky.  Kevin stayed home all but one of those snow days.  He went to work last Friday, February 22.  The storms reminded us all of our last winter in Colby, when we got lots of snow every single weekend from the end of December until the end of March.  This time, we never lost power which was nice!  What was't nice was when our pellet stove quit running on Thursday.  The new part came in this week, and it's running again, but when it quit, I did have some concern with heat IF we were to lose power.  Fortunately, we were fine.

Winter Storm Q gave us 15 inches of very wet snow.  Rocky blew in with more, but I haven't heard the official amount yet.  Just east of us got almost 3 feet of snow from Rocky and they did lose power.  The storm was worse south and east of us.  And we had it much worse than Dodge City did.  In fact, when they announced that we'd have school on Tuesday, I thought they were nuts!  We were trying to dig out ourselves, and I couldn't imagine that the college was any better.  It was.  They didn't get much snow at all.

And what did I do with a 6 day vacation?  I baked bread.  I stitched on Eldar, I read, I baked cookies and made Andy a chocolate cake with carmel frosting. I cleaned house.  We celebrated Miss Kat's 17th birthday and we enjoyed time together in front of the fireplace.

Here's Andy digging the snow away from our front door.  (The white box is our old freezer.  We need to relocate it/dispose of it, but haven't decided what to do yet, so for now, we are rednecks with an old freezer in our yard.)  Right in front of Andy is the door.  Snow drifted it in completely.  Since our snow shovel also decided to break during the storm, he used a regular shovel and cleared just enough away for us to get out the door.

 This is the inside view of the snow drift.  (Please excuse the remainder of the paper label on the window.  I've not gotten around to scraping it completely off the door.  It's only been up a year!)

 Kevin got our tractor out on Monday, the 25th before the storm was over.  He knew he had to get started moving snow or we'd never get out Tuesday.  He had to dig his way all the way from the shop.  I know he spent 3 1/2 hours moving snow Monday, and he spent more time than that on Friday.
 He finally dug out Miss Kat's car on Tuesday (Feb 26).  Prior to that day, she drove the Escape and we drove the F250.

It's probably our first  last snowstorm of the winter.  We're in a warming trend, which will be nice.  The grass should green up.  I haven't heard of anyone complaining of the moisture or the snow.  It' s not enough snow to break the drought, but maybe it's a sign of moisture to come.

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Ranch Wife said...

Heck! I'm envious and wishing Kevin could have dumped the snow her moved onto us! Our college girl is close to Amarillo and they had 19". We had 1". :) Glad y'all re mobile again, but betting y'all enjoyed being at home for a bit.Sounds like you got to do some things you enjoy, although I'm betting cleaning house isn't on that list.