Friday, March 09, 2007

Graphic Novels

When I was a little girl, there were books and there were comic books. Now, there are books, comic books and Graphic novels. Graphic novels are simply comic books that are put in a more permanent binding--a real book binding. Usually, several issues are bound into one graphic novel.

I've been reading some graphic novels lately. Just must be my mood. Some nostalgia, some guilty pleasure. Kev makes fun of me for reading "comics" as an adult, but I don't care. I enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures.

This week, I've read a Batgirl one, a Sojourn one and now I'm reading a collection of DC comics from the late 80's. I've enjoyed them all, but have to admit, I've enjoyed the Sojourn ones the most. I enjoyed the Pulitzer winning "Maus" and "Persopolis" too.

I like the art of comics--well, I like the well drawn ones. I prefer those in full color, on glossy paper, the one is a lot of realism...maybe not. I mean, Sojourn is built like a Barbie doll, big boobs, small waist and hips. Ain't no way that woman really exists, she'd fall over. Yet, she's a strong woman, a strong character--being pretty just adds to the feel of the story...and I really enjoy reading and looking at her "books." (The male characters are nice eye candy too!)

When I was a kid, we'd usually get to buy a couple of comics every time we went to the grocery store. Now, unlike most of the world, we went once a month. Yep, once a month, we'd go to Dodge and hit 3 grocery stores, getting the best buys. Mom would embarrass me by having two carts full of groceries and would make me push one--usually the full one. But, once we hit the check out stand, she'd let me pick out a couple of comics. Steve was along sometimes, so on those days, I'd get to pick one and he'd pick another. Sometimes, we'd be allowed to get two each. Those were really exciting days. Imagine, a total of four comic books!

We always bought an Archie Double Digest comic. At one time, we had every one printed--a huge 3 foot tall stack. Foolishly, they were tossed once Steve and I left home. They'd be worth a fortune now.

We'd also usually buy a Superman or Justice League of America comics. I really enjoyed Aquaman and Wonder Woman. I'd sometimes get some "scary" ones, with ghost stories, vampire stories, etc. Sometimes, we'd get Disney comics. It really varied from Month to Month. And, I have to admit, we hated the serialized strips, because we didn't always find the continuation.

Comics were a treat. I'm sure for Mom, they were a cheap treat. We'd read them on the drive home, surrounded by sacks of groceries. (And, I do mean surrounded.) We'd read them over and over and over again once we got home. Even Dad would read them. It was a family treat--one we all enjoyed.

So, today, I'm all grown up. And I still like to read "Graphic Novels." And I probably always will.

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