Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I did it!

I am amazing.

I surprised myself this morning. I did something I've never done before.

And, I didn't screw it up.

The amazing, wonderful, surprising thing I did was to...

Are you ready?


I pushed the Ranger pickup out of the mud with the diesel pickup.

What? You aren't impressed?

Fine. Be that way.

But, to me, it was a big deal. Andy got the pickup stuck--right where the drive curves around the north side of our pine trees, you know that spot that is now bottomless. The one where the snow melt sits and with the dirt, plots and makes diabolical plans to grab any and all tires, and to hold on to those tires until summer.

But, we defeated that slimy sneaky spot because I didn't get mad at my 15 year old driver. I didn't rant and rave and tell him that he KNEW better than to drive the pickup into the yard. Nope, I remained calm and rational and thought this out. (I really did, cause if I didn't get him out, then I wasn't going anywhere either.)

I thought about changing my clothes, or at least putting on coveralls and mud boots and trying to push him out physically--just my two feet, arms, and the heft of my body mass. Then I decided that I probably would only get muddy and he would still be stuck. So, I decided that I could probably push him out with the diesel--in 4 wheel drive of course.

So, I backed up, turned around, and managed to gently bump bumpers and actually pushed him out--without any damage to either vehicle.

Of course that dang kid didn't stop at the highway to see if I could get out. And I was a little peeved, because it took me a little maneuvering to get out, but we made it too. Everyone got out, and got to work and school on time.

My dad will be so proud of me. My husband too--once he stops rolling his eyes and gives me that tolerant amused look...again.

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