Thursday, March 01, 2007

The weather man was wrong!

The last two snow storm forecasts have been wrong. It's so comforting when the weatherman is back to normal, and getting the forecasts wrong. It makes me feel that life will return to normal.

The forecast for this past Saturday was for a blizzard with accumulations up to 12 inches. (6, 9, 12, we heard them all.) While we did have a blizzard, with wind gusts up to 60 mph, that snow was movin' way to fast to stop and drop, so our accumulation was...nuthin, nada, zip, zero. Well, that's not entirely accurate, there were a few drifts out and about in the country, but not in our driveway! That was enough to make me want to dance a jig, whoop and holler. But I didn't, because that would be undignified, and my in-laws were here, and, well, what would they think if they saw me acting less-than-dignified.

So, anyway, in my mind, the forecast was wrong. Yes, we had the blizzard, but no accumulation, so it was a non-issue in my mind, so therefore, was a wrong forecast.

The second forecast they messed up on was last night's forecast. Another blizzard, another 3 to 6 to 9 inches accumulation. It was supposed to roll in by 6 p.m., but never rolled in. That storm rolled right over us and hit the folks further east, those without snow on the ground. So, the weatherman was wrong again, and that makes me very happy.

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