Monday, April 23, 2007

random stuff...part 3

It's a beautiful day outside today. All the Crab apple trees and Pear trees are blooming. I'm not a Spring Season person, but I do love seeing all those trees in bloom. The circle drive on campus is ringed by Crab apple trees. A sea of pink blossoms. Beautiful. I'm hopeful that the lilacs will bloom soon. I'm hopeful that the hard freeze we had the past two weeks didn't hurt them. Since the trees bloomed, and are so beautiful, I think I've got a chance to see the lilacs...

Saturday, Andy competed at the State 4-H Shooting Sports Archery Match. He placed third in barebow 3-D shooting and 3rd overall shooter in his age bracket. We think he took 4th in FITA shooting, but haven't seen those results yet. Our other Archery Shooter from Thomas Co., probably got 3rd in the FITA shooting, but again, we didn't see those results. (Should hear by the end of the week.) As their instructor, I'm really proud of the boys. As Andy's mother, I'm proud, but know he could have done better if he had bothered to practice.

I think Andy was disappointed in his Open class events; while he shot well, he didn't bother sighting in his bow until Friday night. That's not when you should be sighting in your bow. Again, he didn't think he needed to practice. Wonder if he'd admit to anyone that he should listen to his mother?

We spent Friday night at my brother's house. He doesn't have a big house, but he has enough floor space for us. He keeps saying that he wants to redo his bathroom. He needs to redo his bathroom. Wonder how he will feel about getting a toilet for Christmas this year. Then next year, we can buy him a bathtub and the next year, a sink. Sure would make my shopping a lot easier!

My laundry room is almost complete. We painted it yesterday. I wanted to paint it a fresh, clean color. I chose a mint green because I tend to paint everything either blue or yellow, so forced myself to go with green. And, I wanted it to be a pale color because it's a small room.

When Kev came in he said "It looks like Grandpa Joe's house." Turquoise. You know how many older houses have a turquoise room in them somewhere? All of them. You know it's true. Well, now, I don't like the color. Now that it's dry, it's more green than Turquoise, but yeah, it looks like a room in an old person's house. Miss Kat and I are painting the shelves yellow and periwinkle. So, my hope is that the shelves will tone down the room. And once we hang up the coat rack, maybe it will look less like an old person's house and will look fresh, clean and
spring-y. If not, well, I do know how to paint.

It rained here over the weekend. It started Saturday night and rained steadily until noon-ish on Sunday. No thunder, no lightening, no wind. We got 3 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Rain, which fell straight down, gently all night long. I got to sleep to the sound of rainfall outside my window. I got to snuggle in my warm comfy bed with my favorite guy while listening to the rain. I got to wake up to my favorite kind of day, cool, rainy, misty. It was fabulous. If only it had stayed that way all day, nope, it cleared off and then the wind blew. Hard.

Tonight, after Band lessons, allergy treatment, and dance ,Miss Kat and I will attend the Middle School Orientation for 5th Graders. My baby will be in Middle School in 4 short months. Where did the time go?

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