Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shooters with...

Trap season is upon us once again. Kev, Andy and I shoot trap. Miss Kat does not. She's much to dignified and...girly to shoot. She has absolutely no interest in shooting.

This year, Andy isn't shooting on my team. For the past two years, we've been "Andy and the Old Ladies." We aren't this year. He wanted to shoot with men and not women. Granted, he was the best shot on our team, but for some reason, we just don't hold any excitement for a teenage boy.

So this year, our all-girl team is "Shooters with Hooters."

Isn't that a cool name?

Well, we all do have "hooters." Some are larger than others, but we've all got them. I had to work to sell the team name to a couple of the girls, who suprised me with their embarrassment and their hesitation to be on the "hooters" team.

But, I think they were won over last night watching the reactions of the guys who run the gun club. They didn't know whether to call us the Shooters, or the Hooters, or if they could even look us in the...eyes. It was cute.

We discussed getting team shirts--like those worn by the Hooters girls...but no one wanted fat rolls hangin' out from under their shirts as we pulled our guns up to shoot. And, one of my Hooter girls was afraid that her hooters might peek out the bottom of a half-shirt. So, we vetod the team shirt idea--for now.

I still think we could get a shirt--full sized--that says "Watch out for Shooters with Hooters."

That would be a...


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