Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Going together"

I have finally arrived into that group of people known as "old, lame, dumb" parents. I was told by my worldly and very knowledgeable 16 year old that I "just don't understand kids today."

Yeah, right. Whatever.

Apparently, Andy has a new girlfriend. She works with him, at his new job, Pizza Hut. They are "going out," but haven't had a date yet. But, they are planning on going to the Homecoming Dance together, sometime in October.

Now, last Friday, last FRIDAY, 6 short days ago, he had a date, an honest-to-god date with another girl, a "Freshman." They met at the theatre and went to the show. Andy couldn't pick her up or drop her off because her parents didn't want their daughter in a car with a Junior boy--one they didn't know personally. (I say, good for them.) But, anyway, Andy came home from the date, said they had a nice time and that was that. On Tuesday night, 2 short days ago, he informed me that he and this Freshman girl had decided to "break things off."

Break what off? They went out once! Evidently this is part of that "you just don't understand teenagers today." Ok. Whatever. They went out once to the movies, where they arrived in separate cars and left separately, so now they need to put this torrid affair to rest. I can live with that.

But, last night, not 24 hours ago, I hear from Kim, not my son, but Kim, that he had a new girlfriend, that she used to live in Atwood and that she worked with Andy at Pizza Hut.

All news to me.

Andy came in the room, confirmed that yes, he had a new girlfriend and that they were going to the dance together and were in fact, "boyfriend and girlfriend."

Kev and I agree that we were scared for this boy. We can see him dating a girl for 6 months and then they'll be talking about marriage. I mean, they are "going together" without ever going on a date, so waiting six long months to make a real commitment, a serious commitment is more than reasonable. Right?

So, being the kind and supportive parents we are, we just asked questions...trying to understand how un-hip we are.

WE: So, Andy, let me get this straight. Last week, you had a date with the Freshman. And by Monday, you'd decided--both of you--that this "relationship" wouldn't work.

ANDY: Yep. We decided to be friends.

WE: So, you aren't and weren't "going out."

ANDY: Right. But we did have a date.

WE: Got that. But, now you are "going out" with a girl whom you haven't gone on a date with yet.

ANDY: Right.

WE: But you are "going out" and are "boyfriend and girlfriend?"

ANDY: Right. She's ok with that and so am I. What's the problem? We like each other.

WE: Yes, but how can you be "going out" when you've never actually "GONE OUT?"

ANDY: "Sheesh, you guys just don't understand. My friends do. You guys are just to old to understand."

Whatever. Stay tuned...I'm sure that in 6 months time, I might be announcing an engagement. Unless something changes--next week.


agent713 said...

Next week? Try tomorrow. I had a friend like that. She'd "go out" with a guy for a week or two and then move on. I don't know if she ever went out of SCHOOL with them, but they were branded "boyfriend and girlfriend" and that was enough.

If I remember correctly her shortest "relationship" was like four hours. Confirmed before the first bell, broken up by lunch.


Shelljo said...

Oh, Gosh, so he IS normal then? LOL