Friday, September 14, 2007

He's home

Last night, I got to sleep next to my hubby. For the first time in two weeks, I got to snuggle up to his warm, firm, masculine smelling body and drift off to sleep. It was wonderful.

He's home, safe and sound--without any elk--but safe and sound and home with me, where he belongs.

He's a little scruffy looking since he hasn't shaved in two weeks. Ok, he has a full beard. But I don't care, I like that beard. Sometimes I wish he'd keep it in the winter months, but he thinks it's too much work to keep a beard trimmed, so he'll shave it all off this weekend. But he'll wait a couple of days, just to make me happy.

Yeah, I don't deserve him at all. He's much nicer to me than I probably am to him.

But, last night was perfect. I got to sleep with someone bigger than me rather than someone much smaller than me. I had that nice body heat to fall asleep against and had that nice body to snuggle up to all night long. And we did snuggle all night long. It was wonderful. (That's the only adjective I can think of...wonderful, so stop the gagging noises, alright?)

It's only been two weeks, yet it felt much longer. I almost felt like we needed to get to know each other again before I let this man into my bed. Yeah, who am I kidding, that feeling lasted about as long as it took me to shed the clothes and jump into bed.

But, he's home. He's mine, and he's home. And that is...wonderful.

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