Wednesday, December 03, 2008


You'd think, knowing that I'm a librarian, that I'd have a library in my home.

You'd be wrong.

If you haven't figured this out by now, well, then you need to stop reading my blog. Because the word normal does not apply to anything about me.

I love to read, I adore reading. Reading is one of my most favorite activities. I'd rather read than cook. I'd rather read than watch TV. I'd rather read than clean. I'd rather read than work. I'd rather read than perform my "wifely" duties. (Not really, but I had to throw something else in there! But, maybe you shouldn't ask Kev his opinion on that.)

But, being a librarian, folks just expect me to own lots of books. It always amazes me that they expect me to own books when I can borrow them for free! Hello! I work in a library, surrounded by books. I can borrow them--free. I can get my grubby hands on them before anyone else does! When something new comes out that I want to read, but don't think it would be popular at my library, I can use Interlibrary Loan! It's FREE. Why spend my money when I can borrow it for FREE, and before anyone else can get it! And, guess what, quite frequently, I don't even check them out. I just...take them. Sure, it drives my staff nuts, but I'm the boss, rules don't apply to me!

I do buy some books. I have books about raising Chickens and Pigs and Goats. I have a few homesteading type books. Oh, and a dictionary, I have one of those. I've got a couple of Bibles and a book of Bible stories. I have all of Diana Gabaldon's books. She's a great writer, but isn't very prolific...dang her. But, Diana's books, I keep. I re-read them all the time. Most other books I own are also those I can read over and over and over again. And, interestingly, most of them are Young Adult Harry Potter and the Little House books.

I buy books for my kids. I love buying books for my kids. And other kids. I buy them books through the Scholastic School program. Like me, both of my kids read fast and have high reading levels.

But, even so, my kids don't have a lot of books. As they've out-grown them, we've donated them to libraries or to friends. They've kept some that they enjoy re-reading and, until now, Andy has done more re-reading than Kat. Miss Kat discovered the Twilight series. Those we initially got from the library, but she now wants her very own set--so she can re-read them. (Yep, she's getting them for Christmas.)

Note who at my house isn't a reader? Yep. It's ironic too. Kev grew up in a home of readers, and he married a reader, and his kids are readers....but he's not. I don't think I've ever--in the 20 years we've been together--seen him read a book. It's most certainly a "mixed marriage."

So, don't come to my house expecting to see a room full of books. You're going to be very disappointed. Oh, and if I'm reading, well, talk to Kev. I'll catch up after I finish reading this page...

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agent713 said...

I own very few books myself. Why bother when there's three perfectly good libraries within ten minutes of my house?

My mom on the other hand? TONS of books. She inherited them from my grandma. I'll probably get them from her. I hope I'll be ready for them!