Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Men stuff vs. Mom stuff

We are currently in a nasty cold spell right now.

Andy's pickup won't start, but "we" haven't found the stuff to thaw the gas line or whatever is wrong. Actually, "we" haven't looked at the pickup to see what's wrong.

So, yesterday and today, he's driven the diesel. Diesels don't like cold weather. They made it fine yesterday. Today, at 7:55 a.m. I get a phone call:

"Mom, we're here on the highway on the hill just outside of town. The pickup died. I got it off the road, but what do I do?"

"Call the school, see if someone can pick you up and call your father."

Me thinks that "we" should have put the stuff in the gas tank to keep the diesel from gelling.
Me thinks that "we" should have looked at the other pickup last night.
Me thinks that this is a man thing, and not a "Mom" thing.
Me wonders why they always call MOM when something goes wrong.

Wanna bet that tonight Kev looks at both vehicles?
Wanna bet that tonight, "we" put "stuff" in both vehicles?
Wanna bet that somehow "Mom" will get involved in this "man" stuff?

I don't take bets on a sure thing...

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