Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A pointless observation

It's a cold and snowy day. And, if you were out and about today, you'd see me outside with my coat unfastened and no hood on my head.

That's just one of the weird things about me. I never fasten my coat. Never have. Ok, seldom. When it's 20 below or so, I'll fasten my coat and I might even put up my hood. But while I might put on gloves, I just don't like my coat fastened.

It's too...confining.

I know it drives my mother nuts, and it drives my friends nuts, but I really just don't like fastening my coat. I'll put my hands in my pockets and pull the coat closed, but I won't zip or button it up.

And, when it rains, I don't use an umbrella and if I'm wearing a coat then, again, it won't be fastened and the hood will probably be down too.

There's no point to this confession, I just wanted to share a part of my "weirdness" today...

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