Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I'm not in a very good mood today.

Miss Kat is home "sick" today and is skipping school.

Except, I don't think she's "sick" enough not to go to school.

But, I decided, she's almost 14, and is old enough to take some responsibility for her own decisions and their repercussions.

But I'm really annoyed with her because I think it's allergies and sinus drainage again.

Not something serious like H1N1.

And, somehow, I feel like a bad mother for not believing she doesn't feel well, and for thinking she should go to school and I feel bad because I think she should be just like me and go even if she doesn't feel 100%. I have no patience for "sick" people...especially when I don't think they are really sick and should just suck it up.

Gee...maybe I should make a career change and become a nurse...I have such empathy...want me to be your nurse?

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agent713 said...

I knew I liked you. I have zero empathy too.