Monday, November 02, 2009

This week on...Hunting with Shell

This past Saturday morning was a much better hunting day for me. No fears of rabid deer, elk or cougars plagued my mind, nor was I distracted by pesky sunflower pods or grass seeds. Nope, I was intent on the hunt!

We got into our positions before 7 a.m., and let me tell you, it was dark! Kev and I decided to walk in on the south side of the fence which made for much easier walking. The south side of the fence is a pasture, "virgin" grass. It's never been plowed. It's so much easier and quieter walking in a pasture than it is wading through weeds or a wheat field. Our only difficulty was the 3 times I stumbled into old barbed wire that was on the ground. (Kev also walked into his share! It was DARK people!)

I hadn't been sitting/kneeling long when I heard a deer snort. It was too dark to shoot, but I could see his basic shape and knew he was a nice sized Muley buck. He walked by me--about 15 yards away. Nice shooting distance, if it's light enough to see what your shooting at! He walked to the edge of the draw where Kev was sitting. He stopped, snorted, and turned around and trotted off. I think he caught Kev's scent.

About 30 minutes later, after it was light, I saw a doe being chased by a buck. They were about 250 yards away. At the same time, I heard a deer snort below me, in Kev's draw. I couldn't see any deer, but I heard them snort as they tried to catch Kev's scent. My deer, the buck and doe, also heard the snorting. The doe ignored it, but the buck stopped and listened. You could tell he was trying to decide if he should check it out...but, the lure of the doe was greater and they went on their way, staying well out of bow range.

A little while later, I saw two does come down from the north. They walked towards me, and then cut down into Kev's draw. I assumed they'd stay down there, but nope, next thing I knew, they were 20 yards away! They'd come back up into the wheat field. I picked up my bow, but the doe saw me move and they took off, hell bent for! Right down the hill by Kev, and then up the other side, over the fence and through the pasture. Darn deer were Whitetails! What on earth were they doing in Muley country?

Shortly after their rapid exit, it was time to go. The snorters that Kev had were 4 additional whitetail does. He's wanting one particular buck. so he didn't shoot. I would have, because I want meat, not necessarily antlers, but he wants a big boy.

We had a nice walk out, the sun was out, shining, it was a beautiful day, and the deer had cooperated...somewhat, all in all, it was a good morning...even if we didn't bring home a deer.

Note: No deer, elk, cougars, birds, sunflowers or weeds were harmed or killed during this weeks episode of Hunting with Shell. Tune in again for another exciting episode!

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