Monday, November 09, 2009

revenge...I can't wait

Someday, I'm going to print out all these "Miss Kat" posts and give them to her. I think I'll wait until she's a mother of a girl though. Revenge...yes, it will be sweet revenge.

I love my daughter dearly. I do.


And yet, she can frustrate me like no other person in the world. sigh. And, yet, I understand her...most of the time. Her father doesn't have a clue, but I do.

Saturday I took Miss Kat down to Mom's for a jewelry making extravaganza.

See, Miss Kat has always had an artistic bent. She writes stories (watch for her someday to be the female Stephen King.) She draws. Yet, she hasn't found that artistic outlet that she's passionate about. We've tried painting, ceramics, glass etching, sewing, cross stitch, crocheting, knitting and lots more and yet, we keep searching for that one thing that she can be passionate about. Jewelry was next on the list.

My Mom has discovered the art of jewelry making, and I asked if she'd show Miss Kat how to do some. It was a Grandma/Granddaughter day--not only for my "girls" but for one of Mom's friends. Three girls, 2 Grandmas and 1 Mom who observed. ( I am not remotely interested in making or wearing jewelry.)

It was a slow start, because the Grandma's have lots and lots and lots of beads and wire and string and beads and other... ... stuff. However, once they got started, the girls went to town!

Miss Kat had a ball. She wants to go back next week. She wants to make more and more and more jewelry. Which is great! I loved watching her work and really enjoying herself. She needs that outlet.

On Sunday, Miss Kat, Kev and I went to Garden. Kev and I needed things from Home Depot and Miss Kat needed Basketball shoes. Kev had to work at the hospital for an hour or so, and while we were waiting, Miss Kat and I ran to Walmart and got a few beads and tools for her new passion.

Then, on to Garden. We had a nice lunch at Applebees, ran by the Crazy House to look at some cowboy boots and shirts, but they weren't open yet, so we decided to go ahead and get Miss Kat's basketball shoes.

Went into one store, and they were out of shoes in her size. Went into another store. The sales clerk wanted to measure her feet. They've grown again. She's now a perfect 10. Except she's not happy being a perfect 10. She hates having big feet. Then, the sales clerk noticed that she's flat footed. So, he got an insert and had her walk around. Her dad instantly noticed the change in her gait. Me...not so much.

She said the shoes were ok. I paid an astronomical price for them, and out the door we went. We decided it was time to run to Home Depot. Once we got there, Miss Kat refused to go in the store and she was crying.

And, she wouldn't tell us why she was crying.

So, we left her in the pickup, and went inside assuming she'd be right in soon.

But she didn't.

When we got to the pickup, she informed me that she hates the shoes and wants to take them back. She hates them so much, she'll just do without basketball shoes. And, then she started crying again.


I knew what the problem was--it was the SIZE of the shoes. It was the fact that she thinks her feet are so big that they are all anyone will ever see.

But, she didn't want to admit this, instead, the shoes were evil. They were ugly. They weren't what she wanted. It was the shoe's fault. It was my fault.

Her Dad blew up. (and that is NEVER a pretty sight.)

He drove us back to the shopping center. We pulled into the parking lot so we could return the shoes. And then we heard this small little voice say...

"I'll keep the shoes."

Dad blew up again while I burst out laughing. Which made Dad blow up a little more.

But, Saturday was so great! She found something she truly enjoyed and can be passionate about. She was so happy. And then, yesterday, it started out great, but crashed so quickly and so badly. Emotions from ecstasy to despair. High to Low. Happy to the most miserable person in the world.

It's frustrating.

And, someday, I'll get my sweet revenge when I print this out and give it to my daughter who is the mother of her own teenager. It's something to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose now would be a good time to remind you of the time I had to drag you out of your room on Monday to go to school, because you didn't like the new hair cut that you liked on Sat? I really think we have created not one, but at least 2 and maybe 3 monsters. Beading monsters, I mean.

Shelljo said...

Have to say that I do not know what you are even talking about! I would never do that!

and, yeah, sadly, I do remember that day...

Jody said...

O dear God in Heaven. . . I am soooooo not looking forward to the teenage years, as lil' miss thing is already showing signs of her stubborn personality! Maybe I should start writing all of her moments down now. . . So I can also print them out and give them to her when she has her own daughter!!!