Wednesday, December 02, 2009


It's Basketball season. Miss Kat is playing this year. She's starting B team and usually gets a couple minutes in at every A team game. The A team girls are really good. I expect to see them go undefeated.
Kev loves Basketball. He was so excited about his daughter playing BB, but before the season, she announced that she was not going out. Her dad was disappointed. So...he bribed her. He told her that if she played BB, and really tried, he'd pay her $100. That was to tempting to Miss Kat, so she went out. And, Dad gave her $50 at the start of the season and the other $50 will go into her savings account.
I can't say that Miss Kat will ever be a Basketball star. She's not hating the game, but she doesn't really enjoy it either. I'd guess that this, her 8th grade season will be her last. Her dad will just have to adopt some other girl and some other boy to watch.
I will say that if she wanted to, Miss Kat could be a really good player. But...I don't think she wants to be a really good player.
I guess it doesn't matter if she's the best player or not because she does have the coolest Basketball shoes. And at our house, having the coolest shoes is really all that matters!

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