Monday, December 07, 2009

Hunting with Shell Episode...6?

For all the serious deer hunters, I apologize this week.

I didn't go deer hunting. Instead, I partook of that female ritual that involves shopping malls and big cities full of rabid women looking for a good deal.

Yes, I went Christmas shopping.

My Mom, my Aunt Sandy and I took off early Saturday morning to shop in the big city. Except for most of urban America, the big city where we shopped is a small town. But to us rural dwellers, it's a big city. Any town with a population over 10,000 is a city. BIG cities have a population over 30,000. Gi-normous cities are those with populations over 500,000. Those cities, I avoid whenever possible. I'm pretty good at avoiding those cities. Makes my life much less stressful.

So, we went the Big city, not the Gi-normous city. We braved the crowds and the crazy bargain hunters. It wasn't too bad. I got most of my Christmas shopping finished. Still need to get something for my nephews and one gift for Miss Kat and one for Andy. Well... that and their stocking stuffers which are usually candy for Miss Kat and Sunflower seeds for Andy.

The best part of the shopping trip was spending time with my Mom and Sandy. I like both of them--even if they weren't family! We spent the night at Sandy's house and I have to say that I'm jealous of her ability to incorporate all of Grandma and Grandpa's stuff into her decor. And her house is clean! It's a very comfortable, homey house, and I've always felt comfortable there.

So, while I didn't bag a deer this weekend, I did bag some important gifts and even some "girl time."

Hunting season is winding down. Kev has pointed out that I've only got 3 or 4 more weekends to get out there and get a deer. He's such a slave driver :) So, stay tuned for next week's episode when we'll once again return to the wilds in search of that trophy deer.

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