Friday, May 18, 2007

Supper? I don't think so scooter!

I have not cooked supper all week. I've cooked supper only a few times in the past two weeks. But this week, I haven't cooked once since Sunday night and all I made that night was potato salad.

Let see,

Monday I went to the college board meeting and was there until 9 p.m. Andy worked, Kev and Kat fended for themselves.

Tuesday, Kev shot trap and I stayed home and baked his pie and my banana bars. Andy worked, Kat wasn't hungry, neither was I, so so supper.

Wednesday night, Andy, the neighbor kids, and I took a flying trip to Stockton, 2 hours away, to get 4-H goats. We got 4 more, two wethers and 2 does to breed. But, we stopped at a convenience store, grabbed some chips and a drink, so once again, I didn't cook supper.

Last night, was Weigh In night for all the 4-H critters. So, from 3:30 until 7, we were busy wranglin' and wrestlin' pigs and goats. I picked up some frozen pizzas and Bailey put them in the oven, so I got out of cooking again.

Tonight, Kev and I usually eat Chinese with Lynn. So, once again, I don't have to cook.

But tomorrow, I'll have to cook. I'll even have to cook lunch, simply because there aren't any leftovers! So, tomorrow, I have to cook.

Hummm, wonder where we can go tomorrow. I hate ruining a good thing. Hummm

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