Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kev is a lucky guy

Yesterday was my Big Baby's birthday--the one I'm married to, not one I gave birth to.

He's even harder to buy for than Andy was. There's really only one "toy" that Kev wants right now, and that's a new tractor. And, that's the kind of debt increasing purchase that I just can't go and buy myself and then hide it in a sack in the bedroom. Nope, that's one where we both have to fill out paperwork for, so Kevin didn't get a tractor for his birthday.

Last Friday night, I did buy Kev a new pair of cowboy boots. He needed them and found some he liked, so I paid for them and told him "Happy Birthday." Cowboy boots aren't cheap folks!

So yesterday, the anniversary of his birth, I gave him a pie.

Yep, that's it, a pie. A Sour Cream Raisin pie. Aunt Lela's recipe. I, a person who abhors raisins, baked a raisin pie for the love of my life. I not only touched those nasty raisins, I stewed them up and put 'em in a pie shell. This is one pie that Kev won't have to share with anyone--cause none of us like raisins.

But, being the kind and loving wife I am, I also made him some banana bars. Those he has to share.

He's nobody's dummy, but I'm not either. Birthday treats for us both. I'm a special wife...not only did I think of my wonderful hubby, but I also thought of myself. Kev's a lucky guy.

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agent713 said...

Blech. I won't fight him for the pie either. As a kid I'd go trick-or-treating and come home and give my dad the raisins. That's all he got from my candy bag but he was always happy :)
Happy Birthday Kevin!