Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Week .5 of my summer vacation

I know, I know, you are sitting there wondering what the heck I'm doing blogging when I'm supposed to be off enjoying myself on my "summer vacation."

Summer vacation is a misnomer for anyone in education--especially public school teachers, they spend most of their summer getting ready for the next year and going to continuing education. I, fortunately, don't work in public education, but in Higher education, so I don't have to work as much or as hard as a public school teacher during the summer months.

But, I do work during my summers off--just not on school stuff. I do more physical labor during the summer months than I do all winter long.

Already this week, week 1 of vacation, I've:

Replaced the window screens on all the windows of the house by myself.

Washed all the windows while changing screens. And this also means cleaning out the old dead miller moths that fall out of the window when I pull them out. (Yuck)

Trimmed hooves on 3 goats. Only 5 more to go.

Moved fence for goats so they have a fresh area of tall succulent mustard to eat. And some thistles, and maybe even some grass.

I've pulled at least 50 gourd plants from the pasture, cause they are just stinky weeds and no one will eat them.

I've even cleaned some of the house. Deep cleaning, like moving all the furniture and cleaning around and under and behind it. Our bedroom is done as is the living room. Kitchen is almost done.

I've hauled out an old computer desk that we haven't used in several years except to hold all of Miss Kat's junk that she didn't want to put away...

I potted plants in my whiskey barrel and in the other two pots on the front porch.

I weeded the front flower bed and pruned the rosebush, and the peach tree, and the cherry tree, and the oak trees and the russian sage. Of course I had to find the pruning shears first, but I did!

I also cleaned out the extra-large dog kennel that served as a brooder for my chicks. The dogs broke it, but it worked great for the chicks. Now the chicks are among the general population of chickens and doin' fine.

I considered buying more chicks this morning--Orschlens has them 1/2 price...we'll see if they are still there Saturday...

Ok, that's all I've done in my, what, 5 days at home? Today is Wednesday, my last day was Friday...I'm workin' way to hard on my Summer Vacation!

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